Special hashtag to highlight serious posting at

I received an interesting suggestion via Direct Message, my correspondant has this suggestion :

> What do you think about: Starting a hashtag like : "qotoarticle" and all qoto-users who publish like journalism or good pieces from the internet shall use this # to make it possible to find an interesting collection of qoto-news, without all the fun-stuff?

This is a nice idea -- and I am opening a Discussion Forum thread to chat about it.

** Forum thread is now LIVE at **

Why there, not here? A few reasons:

* we won't be posting all kinds of tag ideas with hashes that will go live, and maybe never used again.
* it's open to anyone who wants to read it, as I will add thread URL here, and it's publicly readable to all.
* it's open to replies, all you need is a quick registration, confirm the email, and presto, you are in.

So all good, isn't it?

Consider it done, my friend, and here are some of my hash suggestions.

* They need to be easy, short if possible.
* easy to spell so both posters and searchers can use the tag for their own means.
* unique, so they will collect the intended posts and no strain content.

Which do I think could work? Uhmmm... Brainstorming, put ideas out and don't judge them. Add more ideas. Decide later, evaluation time.

Maybe : qoto-news . qoto-journal . qoto-daily . qoto-top . qoto-stem . qoto-hq .

or : stem-news . stem-hq . stem-daily . stem-mvp .

Do they have to include the "qoto" word and brand ID? not necessarily, we are just considering ideas here.

* If including, they might get people to pay attention to our instance in general.
* It could be used by others, in fact any hash tag can be overwhelmed and spammed, unfortunately;
* not much defense from that other than blocking the twits who did it.

There, the ball is at play, let's hear what you all think?

Thank you for considering and participating.

news are of interest to people all over the

Forum thread is now LIVE at

@design_RG Great idea. I support this. I'll keep an eye on the thread.

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