Don't like CATS or all those cat photos that some of us keep plastering all over the ?

Fear not, as Mastodon has built in FILTERS -- and all it takes is to configure one or more to get rid of pesky posts.

As a local moderator, I feel compelled to explain and share this with you - so you can hide all these pesky photos which I am particularly fond of, as are many, but maybe not everyone.

So, what to Do?

1. Click on the Gear icon, to visit the "Preferences" area of Mastodon.

2. Navigate down to the "Filters" menu item (see it on screenshot, on the left side).

3. And here you can configure *ANY filters you like*, based on a piece of Text to search for in fediverse posts.

To hide all the Cat maniac photos, I would suggest using something similar to the hash tags I normally use:

Enter that, or any other expression to search for in the proper line, see screenshot #1.

4. Hit the Save button and the filter will be saved and in effect from now on. See screenshot #2.

You have the options of "Delete" or "Edit" the filter later, if you change your mind, or if the poster changes their offending post routine.

** GREAT way to get rid of mindless Twitter reposts which some people hate -- I recommended that at another instance that had some Really BAD cases like that, and got many thanks from relieved users. ๐Ÿ˜œ

Any questions, please ask.

Love Cats? Post some, boost some, thank you! ๐Ÿ˜บ

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@stux LOL... Yes indeed.

It just makes me feel better in case I am being an annoyance to someone.

Goes back to my Fidonet days, and the simple motto which was mantra.

1. You should Not be Annoying.

Followed by :

2. You should Not be Easily Annoyed.

...that spirit, if applied to , honestly would do great good. [ FediBlock, take that and Smoke it. ]

Source -- Fidonet Policy document, Section 9.

@design_RG @stux I feel like those simple rules are kinda elegant in their ways, but wouldn't be very elegant for fast-paced networks like Fedi hah


We had all kinds of interesting things on Fidonet. It was an international network, we connected to people overseas via mail, and if we wanted a file, via a dial up connection to the person who had it. I had people calling my system overnight, from Europe to north America to pick up a file -- over dial up lines, with modems and overseas length pathways.

We also had politics, conflict and conflict resolution - thi basic principle was always very clearly on everyone's minds. ๐Ÿ˜บ

Would it work in a fast paced network? yes. We had messages not a today's speeds or hell-threads like here sometimes -- but lots of fun nevertheless.

I have met a few instance admins who were Fidonet veterans like myself, and there is a live BBS in the Net right now, I believe. @ij is one of these cool friends, and still a Fidonet node operator.

Besides running a cool mastodon instance AND a much less common Friendica one at https;//

Can I plug my own blog here -- honestly a great read on this topic.

** The Fediverse Reminds me so much of Fidonet! --


@muss4us The Caturday hash tag might appear, it is more likely a Saturday only event (when it's supposedly Caturday).

I do post the hashes listed on the OP above, and am quite pleased with how many people have found and Boosted it today.

I think that is in gratitude for a clear and detailed explanation of the Filters feature; just one more of the Mastodon areas that does NOT have proper User manual style documentation.

Coding and helping in development, I don't know enough to help.

But Programmers are usually NOT good with documentation or user guides, so there's a role there for those of us who do well in the area.

Having a long experience in Education helps, lol. (that is my background, if it wasn't clear yet).

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