Cory Doctorow, not only a great sci-fi writer but an important commentator.

Short quote only -- see link below :

"In XKCD comic 1357, “Free Speech”, Randall Munroe offers a characteristically concise and snappy summary of one of the canonical arguments about free expression: “The right to free speech means the government can’t arrest you for what you say. It doesn’t mean anyone else has to listen to your bullshit, or host you while you share it…. If you’re yelled at… or get banned from an internet community your free speech rights aren’t being violated.”

I have a lot of sympathy for this argument! After all, what’s the alternative? That the government should order other people to host your objectionable speech? Surely there’s a free speech interest in not being compelled to publish things you disagree with. “Free expression” includes the right not to speak, and the right not to listen."

Must-read by @doctorow about politics, the internet and action/inaction

@design_RG I agree but this misses the fact that #BigTech owns a monopoly, and they can effectively remove your internet free speech (as we saw with #AlexJones).

If things were less monopolized, I'd agree.

@design_RG But yeah Doctorow is a cool guy. I loved his series on Marcus Yallow.

Did you know he has a #Fediverse account, too? @doctorow @pluralistic

Yes, we had a bot bringing his Twitter posts to -- and Cory personally responded to one of our mentions of his name here, clarifying he is no longer with Boing-Boing.

But Pluralistic, as an independant publisher.

I can really relate to that as I am considering distancing myself from some situations as well.

@doctorow @pluralistic

@realcaseyrollins That would be just one of the forms of power at play.
Could mention others :

* The Masters of the Universe (as they call themselves, no kidding) at Wall St.
* Lobbies for large corporations and external State agents.
* Health care industry shrills.
& the corrupt mostly representatives at the federal seat of power.

Huge issues, and any solutions will come with friction and worse.

@design_RG Since its relevant I want to copy and paste a response I just gave on a similar thread here about free speech (specifically when multiple QOTO members mentioned they migrated here due to oppression expiernced on other instances.

This is the story I hear time and time again. We did a survey and 58% of the people who came to QOTO came here because we have a policy of tolerance when it comes to speech, not oppression (aka free speech).

We see over and over again with the instances that do not espouse tolerance of opinions that ultimately the users mass migrate away, (thankfully mostly to places like QOTO) and what is left is an echo chamber of only the most toxic elements. Then they stay in their bubble and only really start trouble when they tell another instance that their intolerance should carry over there as well.

People also need to understand free speech does not mean "you can say anything at all and always be immune".. what it means is tolerance of opinions, an ability to share ideas in open forum without fear that one small misstep means you are banished forever. We make it clear that explicit racism and sexism isnt tolerated, and we have stood by that.

And our policies have served us. Not only are we in the top 20 most federated servers we also serve as an example to many other servers with instances replicating our ToS policy regularly and by having a good relationship with the tolerant minority represented instances throughout the fediverse.

The only consequence of our actions is a small handful of oppressive instances (both towards minorities and the general public) dont want to hear what we have to say. Personally I say we are far better off not having their noise in our timeline anyway.

I can say this, I am immensely proud of the open dialog we have at QOTO. We have by far the most respectful community on the fediverse when it comes to how we treat others, and a mutual respect in our discussions and dialog I have seen no where else on the internet. As the founder of this community I hope to do what I can to make sure it stays that way.

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