And a small snapshot of my busy Tabs list in browser shows that I **really was looking** for some good GlitchSocial instances.

Found a nice one, here.

Thank you, 🐘 ! 😺

love for me.


The Funniest part of this -- for me anyways, was HOW did this end up here, OMG ??

Not intentional, at all. But for good in the end; I am REALLY committed to leaving behind and moving to better platforms.

is one, is another, I have account in BOTH and love their added features, design improvements, many, many new things.

is bit unusual for a mastodon user - but it HAS a second choice of Client; many pleroma instances have the GlitchSocial Web client as an option, sometimes as a link in their Front pages even.

These notes soon to appear in a polished Web Magazine at my blog site. I developed various pages there as extensions of toots and conversations had in various instances; one of the reasons I love having various accounts and always looking for interesting ones to try. I am...

# Heading 1 : So How did this post end up here, unexpectedly ?

The real screenshot snippet in OP above is jsut part of the Tabs Overload in my current browser ( Current always).

And I HAD been intensively searching for a list (non-existant, afaik) of GlitchSocial instances. They tendo to be blended in with generic mastodon ones (no thanks), so it was quite a chore.

[ parenthesis : I WILL provide that as soon as possible, there is a need ]

## Heading 2 : And then, what happened ?

My search went into late last night.

* By that time I had found a nice one, created an account and started trying things out.
* Looking good, the basics taken care or, some notes and screenshots saved.
* off to bed, near 3 am.
* Hello again, coffee and we get into it. Configuring a crossposter for the new account, next...

## Heading 2 : Crossposting ?

Yep. As in, moving posts and content from one network to another. I do enjoy that, there's no denying that there's GOOD stuff in every one. Some are plagued by bad actors, arses and other undesirables.

But, there's The Economist, BBC News, Scientific American, THe Guardian and NY Times --- full feeds with quality content I love. Plus, Cats. Lots. 😺

All of those I can chose to share with friends; easy, with a crossposter.

* for this, my account, I use Moa Bridge, as it is agnostic and doesn't mind my instance name. Recommended for people. Simple and barebones, functional, a little less explained than the other options ---

* if your instance is NOT objected by the hosting iinstance, a BETTER and EASIER to configure tool is available - the awesome Crossposter created by Renato Lond at his Brazilian instance.

Rightfully seen as a top notch tool, it has all the controls, works magnificently, fast and has PRETTIER output. Yep. I love it, and use it if the account is acceptable. See it at :

There are possibly others, and I welcome suggestions and reports from their users, if desired.

## Heading 2 : And HOW did it get here, that OP above ?

Yeah, you see, you can configure your crossposter of Choice to use a Keyword.

* Moa defaults to '' and ''. The shorter one is easy peasy to remember and only takes 3 chars on the freaking limited Twitter char count. So, I of course use it.

* Renato's tool allows your choice of keywords (yeay for user friendliness!). Sicne I am always busy, ''is a nice one. Ooops.

...that explains, the surprise appearance of this OP above, here at Qoto. Woot ? was my first response on gettign a reply notification to it -- I hadn't posted here, or intended to.

* but the original post at , had the xp tag. Intended to bring it into Twitter, which I intended to.
* regardless of my forgetting, Moa is watching for that tag too, and bam! wham! off to Qoto it goes, when it shows in my Twitter stream.

...Moral of the Story - be careful with your keywords, as unexpected results do occur.

A revision is in order, after I copy and make this into Today's Web Magazine post.

At your friendly home at --

: 718 words, 4,044 characters used. Thank you for a HIGH limit allowance.

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