Tolkeins original first page for the lord of the rings... Look at that hand writing!

@freemo very beautiful.

The page alone has artistic value, and the laborious process of writing it that fancily must slow down thought processes, to calm the spirit.

Thanks for sharing that. I spend hours on creating something, and it is quite pleasurable. Sometimes the author is the one who can see the deepest into it. Like software, where so much brilliant work never gets seen, other than by someone maintaining it.

In a reflective mood this morning. I am deeply affected by getting to know that Leonie is under attack.


@design_RG It is a beautiful piece of casual hand writing. I wish my hand writing came so easily to me.

It is a shame Leonie is under attack. The thing is you don't see it most of the time because I am part of a large network of admins who notify eachother of anyone talking about blocking.

But the thing is literally **every** instance comes under this level of attack no matter what they do. There is no escaping it no matter how much you try to control your own reputation. The only reason your so aware of it on QOTO and it feels like we are more attacked, is because your a moderator.

In fact you never would have known about koyu if I didnt tell you and the truth is I'm not showing you half of the block requests that fly by my feed. There are tons every single day.

Its one reason I'm trying to knock some sense into you about moving content to other instances. You wont be safe there, or anywhere. Only way you will be safe is to stop giving the noise any attention and just, be respectful and post where you enjoy posting.

@freemo You mentioned something yesterday, yes, but it did not make much sense, I didn't have the details.

She was online earlier this morning, and a small group chatted, then I looked back and found her topic about implementing White Listing, 26 h ago or so.

People couldn't pay for the value of the work we all put into the network and our own instances, the content we produce, publish, share.

It's deeply disturbing to me -- that those people are actually WORSE than the gab gang they prat on about. Those, I have blocked and not heard for for six months. We don't bother each other.

The fedi block gang are the undercover Fascists in action at this moment.

Despicable ass holes. pardon my language, unusual. Just too much.

@design_RG I agree entierly.

Gab is 95%+ disgusting content and have never seen anything of value come from a GAB account yet... but, as you say, they almost never bother us or our users. They just stay in their little racist hole spewing racist crap and I never see or hear from them.

The damage they do is far less, as you say, than most of the fediblock crowd who largely are blocking good non-racist instances and causing fighting and discord between groups that should and would otherwise be allies against the very racism they claim to oppose.

Its sad, and disgusting.

@freemo @design_RG

Speak of which. I found on
they even move away this instance (Gab) on the mastodon category.


We had a post flow by, saying they might give up on the protocols that fedi currently use, and write their own. Including a dismissive repart to some of the content , pretty homophobic.

I would see that as a positive event.



While we dont block gab if gab "blocked" us through any means directly or indirectly I wont loose any sleep to be honest. I'd be happy about it in some ways as it takes the blame off us anyway.

Before you came we were going to block gab (and others) when we were a new instance but I was convinced to go free speech (not block other instances) by our LGBT community at the time ironically enough.

They wanted a safe space instance where they could see GAb accounts so they could monitor what goes on there and be aware of threats to their community (such as doxxing from milo). It was the point in the debate that ultimately convinced me free speech is an important principle ina social media network and created the policies we have today.

Its also partly what fueled me to add the subscription feature. I figured it would allow those same people to subscribe to GAB accounts without letts the GAB accounts know their being followed. Which would add an additional level of protection and ensure that GAB accounts dont get indirectly promoted by increasing their follower count.


@freemo @design_RG @Sphinx Personally I always suggest people to block individual accounts that are causing problems for your instance, but never block an entire instance.


That is more reasonable than an instance block I'd say.. Though unless we are talking about someone who is harassing other users or evading personal blocks I would still rather leave the choice up to our users.

@Sphinx @design_RG

@freemo @Sphinx @design_RG Many intances also block instances by association, which is even worse. I remember floppy being blocked by other instances because floppy refused to block Gab.


i guess floppy means:

i'm not sure. Does Qoto blocked by this instance?
@design_RG @freemo



> Floppy means, this instance no longer exists.

Yep -- CD-ROM clearly outperforms Floppies. LOL.

Thank you for your comments, I agree fully.

@Sphinx @Floppy @freemo

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@design_RG @Sphinx @Floppy @freemo I didn't feel like joining a different instance after floppy went down so I made my own instead.
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