Can I get some feedback on a static website im designing for my new company? Would love to get some feedback on asthetics.

It doesnt have much for content (what is there is mostly just to take up space. But would love an opinion on the logo and the look and feel. Also check out the article "our new home" to get a sense for all the layout features it has so far.


It looks clean and beautiful, the design itself gives a sense of clarity and reliability that works to counteract the vague distrust a lot of people feel just from a mention of cryptocurrency.

The logo is stark and simple, maybe too stark for the general public. (Also, I have a vague feeling I've seen a similar logo somewhere else - a documentation page, a mathematical site, a wiki, something like that. But I can't find which one.)

Like with your personal site, the fonts seem too small to me, the announcements almost look like footnotes.

Btw, the graph on the top left (pretty neat!) doesn't load if we have JS disabled, and instead there's just empty space. Perhaps a fallback static image for the noscript case there?

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@digital_carver yea not sure what to do without js just yet.. and i agree the font needs some tweaking. Thanks.

Just looked at the article page, looks pretty good. The contrast between the smallcaps first line and the tiny subsequent lines looks a bit messy, so the page should look even better once the fonts are fixed. Also, IMO there's a bit too much margin space, both on the left and the right (beyond the margin notes column). Just 10-20% more content would make the page feel less empty.

There's a weird rendering issue with the stylized first lines (in Firefox on Linux), the "A" plunging into the first bullet, pic attached. It's transient - it goes away if I zoom in or out, and doesn't come back even if I get back to the original zoom value. But it's there if I reload the page.

@digital_carver margins are tricky. if i make them too small it becomes harder to give a good user expiernce on medium sized screens... but i will try tweaking it a bit.

The example you are showing is particularly ugly because the first paragraph is a one liner followed by bullet points. I should probably have it not render in that case (i can turn that off with a shortcode).

actually, it's weirder than that. It's there if I reload the page and let it load, but if I scroll down while it's loading, the "A" shows up at a normal size and the issue doesn't occur. If I don't scroll down, I can see that the "A" that's rendered is actually larger in size, and that's why it messes with the bullet below it.

This is such a heisenbug it's probably not worth hunting down, especially if it doesn't happen on Chrome.

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