Not hesitating to tag @freemo , as per the about :)

One feature I don't see in the instance that I see in other instances is a quick follow button in the header of hashtag search results, to let you follow that hashtag easily.

I see the "Following hashtags" list in preferences, and I see different options for buttons in the options screen, but I don't see this one.

Am I missing that setting, or is this a feature request?



Adding a hashtag in that “Following hashtags” page is equivalent to clicking Follow on a hashtag’s results in other instances. This feature (the ability to follow hashtags) was added by @freemo independently before the mainline Mastodon had it, so has a different interface here.

That said, I do agree that having that convenient Follow button available here also would be great.

@digital_carver Aaaah, makes sense, thanks.

Yeah, I think the convenient button is very helpful in shaping the feed content.

@volkris @digital_carver Yes thats because we implemented the feature years befor emainstream, so you access it a bit different.

@freemo Yeah, and it looks like qoto is really leading the way on so many features. That’s half of what attracted me to this instance, the other half being . It’s good work!

So count it as throwing in a feature request to have a hashtag follow button added to the search result pane UI, since it makes it so much easier to tailor the Home feed to a user’s wants.

@volkris thanks, I am glad you appreciate it. Its a rough start but lets hope it gets some traction.

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