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Why does the not have "unlisted" as a publicity layer (? IDK what to call it) to post to alongside "public", "followers only", and "only people I mention"? Is that an oversight or a deliberate design decision? Either way, its absence is odd.


Today's :

"On a Roll" by performing as Ashley O in the Black Mirror episode, "Rachel, Jack and Ashley Too"

But the bootleg remix version that mashes it with 's "Blue (Da Ba Dee)"

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When I joined Mastodon, everyone was saying “just pick a server (instance) it doesn’t really matter which one.” I saw Universeodon and thought “hey, that sounds cool!” Turns out it’s literally for people who love planets and space! 😂 Oops!!

I stand by my choice 🌏💫💀🖤

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re: request for comments, fedi blocks 

@CobaltVelvet Taking the human out of the loop is caustic IMO; shared block lists have been a cause of much, much evil and collateral damage. You'll never know who you've blocked because the curator had a beef with someone

Something that helps organise the messages flowing by your instance? Sure; but anything which takes individual admin decisions out of the loop is a good recipe for enormous damage

is happening

is lower resolution than I remember it being.

(This is my final attempt. If this installation doesn't work, I give up.)

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It’s interesting that the biggest communication challenge facing Mastodon communities is explaining that it’s basically a protocol and a network of independent, interconnected servers, which is what the Web, e-mail, even DNS and most of the fundamental services we use on the internet are, and always were.
It just illustrates just how much ‘Big Tech’ proprietary social media platforms swallowed up and walled off, if it’s now difficult to explain what the internet actually is!


The only reason I'm following celebrities is to stroke their ego so that more of them come over here.

I'm not interested in replicating Twitter on Mastodon but I am interested in providing viable alternatives to corporations. In the case of , that necessarily means making the alternative as entertaining as the corporate stuff (as is reasonably possible), which necessarily includes getting celebrities on here.

P.S. One e-celeb (?) I watch on YouTube said that she tried the Mastodon mobile app but when she saw that she has to pick an instance, she immediately noped out.

She misunderstood instances as walled gardens. (Of course, that's true for some instances, but) I bring it up only to underscore that even signing up is a significant point of friction for the non-technically minded. These federated social networks have a ways to go before they can compete with corporate social networks.

Day 2 of trying to install on this old laptop :blobfoxcomputer:

I couldn't get Xubuntu's GUI to load despite some help from @lucifargundam (thanks).

ran into a partitioning problem.

Now I'm having trouble getting my live USBs to launch on the laptop and I have no OS installed. (BIOS does recognize the USB drives, at least.) Will give it until midday ...

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Have been wrestling with it all night and can get neither the gdm3 nor the lightdm GUI to work with my installation on this old laptop.

Tried purging, updating and reinstalling both, to no avail.

I am going to give some other distros a chance now.


are making huge gains. Two years from now, it'll be even worse. Thank the for their uninspired performative gerontocratic leadership.

Consider how badly they've fucked up that people still won't vote for them after losing the federal right to abortion.

meta vent 

Some people seem to want to use for everything, I.e. as content headers instead, and others seem annoyed by that practice.

I'm trying to fit in with whatever culture was supposedly here before I arrived but there doesn't seem to be a consensus on what that culture was so

I think I'll just stick to using content warnings as warnings instead of headers. If you want them to be used as headers, get them renamed to something that doesn't have the word "warning" in it.

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@ejoftheweb @jburnmurdoch @t0nyyates
The German Data Commissioner is advocating that all public bodies should leave Facebook (and presumably Twitter) and use open platforms instead.

Various German bodies and authorities have already created their own Mastodon servers, as have many EU agencies and the Commission.

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Proposal to rename mastodons "content warning" (CW) to "content note" (CN), to make more clear, what it is actually / should be used for:

Leave a thumbs-up there, if you also think thats a good idea! And thx to @leah for the proposal!

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I thought a would help me to manage my but the pressure of seeing my deadlines move further and further out as I fail to stick to plans paralyzes me instead.

Having my entire life charted out is the kind of existential pressure I cannot handle. Has anyone else with ADHD had success with Gantt charts? How do you use them?

What has helped me is a manager. There are many such apps out there. Go through them until you find the perfect one for you. I ultimately landed on Tusk—it has all the functionality I need and is monetized thru a sale rather than subscription model.

A to-do list is not going to cure your ADHD but it does help, especially if it's always with you on your phone and automatically notifies you about your responsibilities. That takes much of the organizational burden off of you and helps you to focus on simply completing tasks instead.

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Advice for new users, sometimes we tag CWs as "Meta," meaning content about the current controversy of the day on masto.

You may be wondering how you can tell the difference between meta commentary and meta the company, here is a handy way to tell the difference:
No one talks about the company.

I disabled my Twitter account. I can overlook a lot of things but I will not let myself be lorded over by a grifting hypocrite who considers himself to be above his own rules.

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