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When I lived in #France, I got involved in Critical Mass, in an era when bike infrastructure was almost non-existent. We would take over the streets and have a party on bikes. I ended up making the flyer for the monthly event, back when there was no Illustrator or Photoshop - just paper, glue, scissors, and copy Machines. "Manifestation" = protest, and "fête' = celebration, hence Mani-fête.

#Paris #criticalmass #transit #bikes #urbanism #graphicdesign #cities

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🔴 Invalidity of the word mark ‘ICELAND’ and the figurative mark (in the image) confirmed.

Iceland (the UK chain of supermarkets) registered both marks for a range of goods and services, but Iceland (the country -via Ministry for Foreign Affairs and Business) filled invalidity requests.

The Grand Board applied the ‘Chiemsee’ criteria and found that the marks in question would be perceived as originated from Iceland (the country)

All the details here: linkedin.com/feed/update/urn:l

#caselaw #iceland

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Do you know of a better place to sit and just be at peace. I bet you don't. This is my little secret corner of woodland, I don't dare share it out Incase it gets trashed or ruined - it's my selfish spot. Remains untouched in the years I've been visiting. #scotland #woodland #seat #nikon #peace

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"All this to say that it is a terrible error to impute morals or values to giant #corporations. #Apple and #Google are both immortal colony organisms that view human beings as inconvenient gut flora."

This is the best way to put it I've ever seen.

More on #dma (from @pluralistic) at pluralistic.net/2022/12/21/mal

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Several Mastodon instances (including Newsie) have come under cyber-attack recently by state-level actors.

If you are the admin of a Mastodon Instance that overlaps arts, human rights, civil society, journalism, or democracy and would like FREE cyber security protection from Cloudflare as part of Project Galileo please reach out as Fourth Estate is a long-time Project Galileo partner

See: cloudflare.com/galileo/

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This poll will give a much better understanding of society. Please boost to get the numbers up. TIA

Speaking of Google failure ... I had to turn off Google Discover on my Android phone because it wouldn't heed my interests ("Not interested in Sports") and started inserting sponsored ads into the feed. Advertising will kill Google eventually.

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I expect Google to be freaking out about . It answers many questions better than they do, especially now that they've stuffed the first page of search results with ads. Alexa and Siri weren't that much of a threat, given Amazon's limited intrusion on Google interests and Apple's limited marketshare, but if people can ask a chatbot for better, more comprehensive, more creative, more synthesized answers than they can get out of Google's search results ...

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Cape Town has a 100-yr archive of high-res aerial photos. It is mind-bending to watch your home evolve through colonization, apartheid, and the modern era in up to 7cm resolution. Here a community - distinct 6 - is destroyed by apartheid spatial planners, and tries to start over.

Here is a link to view the data:

@gpowerf I checked your profile to see if you're South African. I forgot Europeans are also " " now.

@eris @anna Ya. He's in a no-win situation. The alternative is he does nothing and finds himself more and more sidelined and ostracized. Same outcome either way but probably better to be involved in it than have it happen passively.

@eris @anna The problem is that there aren't formal dispute resolution mechanisms in place ... All people can do is flail around and hope that resolves the problem once they are blocked.

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Gonna take advantage of Bizarre Consumption Long-Weekend by doing some gadget-shopping?

I _highly recommend_ consulting the Mozilla Foundation's "Privacy Not Included" guide before you start bringing new devices into the house:


#thanksgiving #blackfriday #cybermonday

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BREAKING: Free Software Foundation announces that the GIMP ("GNU Image Manipulation Program") will finally shed its controversial name, becoming LIGMA ("Libre Image and Graphics Manipulation Application") early next year.

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The flight of NASA's Artemis (purple) uses two very close encounters with the moon's gravity (green) to changes its trajectory to get back to the earth (blue.) Amazing.

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