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I started out in Zoology and then moved into a MS in CS later in my career. The advice @freemo is giving is solid. Anyone with a decent logical mind can do well at the practice of programming (writing good code, working with other developers, etc) but you'll be limited on the design side without brushing up on your math. If you've made it through Cal2 then you should have a strong enough grounding to pick most of the other stuff up. Discrete math and Linear Algebre would be good courses to look for online as supplements.

SCIP is a very good intro book but TAoCS is extremely dense and you'll most likely miss most of the nuance without the equivalent of an intro to algorithms course.

How did I make it through college without exposure to Aristotle's square of opposition?

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🔁 Scott Adams Retweeted:
Naval @naval

Schools aren’t about learning.

Offices aren’t about working.

Churches aren’t about praying.

Restaurants aren’t about eating.

Obvious now?

Full-List of bots:

@MutoShack I also checked the w3c standard (yeah...went off the deep end here) and it states "an XML processor MAY, but need not, make it possible for an application to retrieve the text of comments".

I guess they embraced the 'MAY' here :)


I scanned the source ( and didn't see any specific token for comments so you'll have to do some major mods to get it in there.

You could probably expand the default element handler but it'll take some work.

If you make a company 'too big to fail' you give it's debt risk-parity with US government debt. Yet it retains %400+ the ROI.

That company becomes a better investment than building roads and damns.

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I strongly recommend having arguments about things you disagree about, and especially double-cruxing them. <> Up until today, this was all just a theoretical recommendation, but… wow does it help.

I think I'm finally starting to see the meaning of “what do you think you know, and how do you think you know it?". I'm probably right about this thing I'm arguing about, but my reasons for believing it right now are stupid (and are the same reason I didn't believe it earlier).

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Day 2 of my self-imposed quarantine. Given the recent announcement that the FDA has approved chloroquine as a treatment for COVID19, I've decided to 'self medicate' with Gin & Tonics.

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Hi. I've been working in teledildonics and sex tech for the past 16 years.


Seriously. Not a joke.

Many of you are bored or scared or both. So, if you're curious about remote intimacy, I'm happy to answer questions, in this thread or in DM.

@realcaseyrollins Appreciated. I'm not in a high risk category so I'm betting the net outcome of this situation is a shorter home improvement list and hopefully being a bit better at guitar.😁

It appears I've been exposed via a friend who came over to the house. So, today is my first day of self-imposed quarantine.

So far I can't log in to my work account remotely and am waiting on IT to call back with suggestions. While I wait I've made myself some real oatmeal for the first time in years. I might even get a little yard work done and start on a woodworking project.

It's amazing that once you are forced to deal directly with the scary thing a lot of the anxiety just goes away.

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I suspect a lot of my friends don't know how to cook (or not much) and maybe due to World Events right now are trying to figure out how to eat healthy at home for cheap and with little effort (and many are also vegetarian).

It so happens that I've optimized a lot of our eating stuff for such things (cheap, shelf-stability, fairly healthy, vegetarian, fast). Maybe I should start some repo documenting my food recommendations if there's interest...?

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Took a Pedal-Bar tour of the Christmas lights around town. Way fun!

@design_RG that's the Google 'auto colorized' version. Original was taken last week while visiting the gulf coast for Thanksgiving holiday.

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