One would think, with all that oil laying about under , if you just set it all on fire, that would resolve that issue. 🛢️ :blobcatfireeyes: :blobcatonfire:

@dv8 I don't know, all I can picture is a situation where everywhere that isn't on fire, is freezing... So basically leaving your average texan with the choice of burning to death, or freezing to death.

@dv8 well, now I think we might be getting somewhere...

@pope_meat According to The Mayor of Colorado City "don't be part of the problem, be part of the solution." And we have solutions!

@dv8 that mayor should probably take his own advice...

@dv8 on to our next problem, we seem to elect idiots in to, all the time it seems.

@pope_meat Stupid people vote for stupid people. Tell stupid people that presidential is now done exclusively on !

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