@freemo regarding the character limit on I think it must be WAY MUCH lower. May I ask about his decision of yours? I believe if someone is willing to publish a useful and/or interesting post which is more than 2-3 paragraphs, it must be in a blog and not here. You can host a separate Writefreely instance for that purpose. For myself, if something is useful and long enough, I would write a blog post where it's very easy to find for myself and the others. Also Writefreely does the SEO very good so people could find my useful content easily using search engines.

@farooqkz My opinion is simple... read more hides most of it.. if its abused youll get in trouble, be responsible.. but it cant be abused because read more hodes it. And I find someone **trying** to abuse it their data gets wiped.

@farooqkz From years of being here, I think you are the first person (at least that I have seen) to be opposed to this. People don't have to use all the characters, theres a "show more" break so that it doesn't take up peoples screens, and if people choose, they can write it on a blog instead. Seems like your only offense is to the feature, is peoples choice to use it or not. @freemo

@obi @freemo I think people must be encouraged to write their long useful contents in something like Writefreely and not Mastodon. And the reason is because of the reason's I talked about briefly in my previous toot.

Nevertheless, freemo can launch a Writefreely instance without decreasing the character limit.


I am happy to look into a writefreely instance. I might set one up regardless of word count here.


@freemo @obi If you do, I highly recommend you that you review people's post before creating them an account.

I've seen many writefreely instances full of crap and spam and/or test posts...


yea i try to review everyones posts even here as best I can... the other mods are around when im not...


@farooqkz @freemo @obi I'm curious. Have you ever seen a post on this instance that was "too long" and forced you to scroll through something you didn't want to read? What was the instigating event that led you to campaign against a passive feature that you don't have to use?

@obi Right. I mean, if somebody gets caught in an endless, inescapable scroll through an essay-length QOTO post, I think that's a legitimate gripe, but it's only an issue with certain mobile clients, I think. Otherwise, it just opens in a separate column, and everybody's free to roll their eyes and click "Back" if they don't want to read it.

@farooqkz @freemo

@knottedthreads @obi @freemo

You got me wrong. I'm not saying the long posts must go into writefreely because they will cause people problems or inconvenience. What I say is that long posts are usually of much more benefit to people. And if it is published in Writefreely, they will benefit much better and more than in Mastodon.

I have talked about the reasons in my first post to freemo but I will repeat them again here:

First, Writefreely has got a much better style for a long useful post. It is already meant for regular blogging. Anyone can easily access the post using the link and read the post. There is a copy toot link button but the target page is not good at all.

Second, we'll have a collection of useful and related posts in a "blog" which is again accessible using a link and the target page does the job very well.

Third, According to my experience, Writefreely does the SEO job very well. So if you have something which people are looking for it, people would find it when they are searching using the web search engines.


It's fine to have another option. Saying that users will benefit more by using writefreely is subjective. Personally, I rarely click links in Twitter and Mastodon, and I think a post inside Mastodon would be seen more than a link outside of it. But that's just me. Freedom of choice is always a good thing.

@knottedthreads @freemo

@farooqkz And? If that suggests that the writefreely posts shows directly up in the timeline, then the problem is already solved by qoto's increased character limit. @knottedthreads @freemo

@farooqkz @freemo @obi I do not understand. Why would it be reasonable to review posts that do not yet exist? How would that work?


Most people like the generous word limit. It automatically truncates and says "read more" if it's really long, so what's the problem?

If someone is writing a bunch of long posts and you don't want to read them, just skip over them and don't read them. You can always mute them if they never say anything you want to hear.


@Pat @freemo The problem's not that I don't want to read them. My concern is that these long posts could have a MUCH better place like Writefreely.


Well, as I said, most people like it. I like not having to worry about reaching a character limit on my toots, and I like the variety it provides in content without having a bunch of different platforms to go to with different logins/passwords, etc. just for a different length of postings.


@Pat @freemo If your problem is with different login and/or passwords, qoto's WF could technically use the same credentials as Mastodon. Also the advantages of WF are much more than just higher character limit which I pointed to in my post.


>"...WF are much more than just higher character limit which I pointed to in my post."

You're free to use any website you want, as long as they let you.


@farooqkz @Pat @freemo Do you get any monetary compensation from more people using writefreely?

@farooqkz @freemo Hi, do you have an actual advantage of "writefreely"? You have written quite often that it was better than posting on mastodon (if word count is high), but i have not yet understood why. Please do explain.

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