Baboons are kinda ugly. Especially compared to tigers, say. I would guess lots of humans feel this way. But baboons are closer to us evolutionarily. I wonder if there's something to that... Like, an "uncanny valley" thing.

@finity I can definitely see the similarities when those frat students are mooning!

@finity whaat? Baboons are majestic.Those muzzles every dog would be jealous of. What's a tiger? A fat zebra panthera that can't climb trees? It's all just marketing of big predator!

@namark @trinsec alright, I guess maybe it's not as universal as I assumed 🤣

@finity I have to confess, I'm one of those weirdos, that like hyenas >_>


@namark @trinsec I would like them more, but The Lion King biased me against them early

@finity @trinsec for me the mandril and the boar overshadowed every other animal involved, though the hyenas weren't that bad. Albeit intimidating they had some character and chemistry going on, unlike most of the lions. I didn't get a lot of the symbolisms when I watched it, I guess. That said I went through a fair share of "documentaries" that would condemn them much more directly. The tables turned when I met a pair of happy hyenas in a zoo during a trip.

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