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Your daily #Pratchett

"The presence of those seeking the truth is infinitely to be preferred to the presence of those who think they've found it."

Terry Pratchett, Monstrous Regiment

Everybody clutching their pearls about the balloons will be really shocked when they learn about satellites.

@feld when I was young I let myself spend time modifying everything on my Linux desktop and I thought it was fun. I was learning a ton because I was new. At some point I kept modifying things but I wasn't learning much anymore. Then I got to a point where I felt like I was wasting time by having to modify things.

I got a MBP and the hardware and software were great! I didn't have to modify stuff! Which was good because mostly I couldn't.

Almost a decade later the performance was terrible. OS X outgrew my laptop (which was my daily driver). I went back to Debian Testing.

And I had lost the desire to modify things. Debian matured a little, yes, but I had also lost that habit of modifying everything. I just setup the basics and go and it is exactly what I need. Linux was what I needed and I wasn't wasting time.

I agree that OS X is a pretty great user experience though.

The real source code of GNU software is the nerd who wrote it.
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the Voight Kampf test scenes in Blade Runner, but instead it's just Harrison Ford like "please try to draw a woman with correct number of fingers or teeth."

Q: what’s the most cryptographically secure meal?
A: one-time pad thai

@FourOh-LLC it would be interesting if he could make the resistor layer with little short circuits that get in circuit only at a slightly higher temperature than the solder on top melts. Then, you could use the layer to melt the solder, after that kick it a little higher voltage to melt the parts and short the resistor, use current limiting to protect everything when the short kicks in, then turn it off. The resistor layer could become your ground plane, so you don't need another.

I think the resistor layer might interact poorly with some RF, but there's probably some way to write software that automatically avoids that issue.

The interface is particularly bad. It's optimized to keep me watching ads - which, fine. Whatever. But there's not a good tagging system, no way to share things within the platform with friends. No way to see what my friends might have liked. No integration with a social network period.

There is so much good interesting nerdy content in there, and that makes it the only good video platform I know of, but it's so bad at connecting me with it.

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The Trolley Problem is that we have roads and cars and we don't have any fucking trolleys.

Let the smoke out of two tiny LEDs this afternoon... Fortunately neither were important. I learned the small ones are very sensitive.

@brk Wild Gift... Hadn't heard of them! They look cool. It's great how many roasters and breweries etc. have popped up in the last several years.

Disappointed at Redd1t for the mods killing my post there...

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