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Car on its side, no injuries 

Gotta keep those tires on the ground!

Introduction round two in an attempt to ID if its a specific hashtag or my presence on the platform I won't name that triggered the deluge of abuse.

Hi, I'm Dani, amd early career quantitative ecologist who works on African wild dogs, global change ecology and conservation. Do a lot of #rstats #gis #modelling in my #climatechange and #ecology research.

I'm also a science communicator and author of #DoesItFart :D #scicomm

How in the heck do I follow a hashtag? I have two that show up in my preferences, and that seem to occasionally surface posts in my feed, but I can't remember how I put them there.

Last year, I did as an exercise to learn . It’s a sequence of daily programming puzzles in December. I’m thinking of doing it again this year and learning .

I don’t try for speed, and I don’t try to be the first to solve a problem. I take my time and solve each day’s problem a day or two later. It would be nice to have people to chat with about solutions if anybody else is interested.

Voter intimidation is illegal everywhere. You see it? You experience it?
Report it.
866-OUR-VOTE is the number you call.
Election Day is Tuesday, November 8.
#midterms #govote #ElectionDay

Great day for a walk at Eisenhower park, let's see how this handles a panoramic photo.

Beautiful morning for a walk in sunny San Antonio today. It's awesome to see all the newcomers to Mastodon and Qoto.

You all know that feeling when you watch a movie for the 20th time plus and still notice things you never noticed before. Don't you? 🙈 #TheRockyHorrorPictureShow #TRHPS

On this day I give thanks to #Debian for shipping #OpenSSL 1.1.1

ballot petition - decriminalize marijuana, decriminalize abortion, ban no-knock warrants, cite & release for low-level nonviolent offenses. Sign up if you're a San Antonio TX registered voter.

Somehow, even though I've known of it for years, I never actually tried TiddlyWiki until today...

... and I'm kind of hooked on it now. It's quite different than any other tool I've used before, but it's flexibility and performance (so far at least) are rivaling anything else I've tried. And it's a simple file I can sync between devices with ease! 🤯

Just imagining the type and quantity of interactions with park rangers required before this was added to the map.

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Note: River does not flow in a circle. You will not come back around to the same place you put in.

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