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Me: I've got a small headache so I'm going to set up a dev environment for this class I'm taking instead of doing anything hard

Me, an hour later: I've got a big headache

This reminds me of some classical paintings. Storms over pastoral scenes. The name of the actual style is escaping me though.

Beautiful though, San Antonio . If you like this sort of thing.

Watched a neat documentary on the making of .

There are "glitch" effects where everything is lighter for a quarter second. Those weren't intentional. The movie used literally tons of film from Kodak to shoot it, and they didn't realize until halfway through production that they hadn't controlled process to keep the film the same order it had come off the truck. If you keep it in order, small manufacturing fluctuations end up continuous through your shots and the human eye doesn't really notice; if you jumble raw film canisters, the difference can be up to half an f-stop and it's very noticeable.

But since the entire film was ultimately animated at the end, they solved the problem by animating in a little sprite or circuit surge or something every time the film quality jumped and several brighter frames spun through.

Fixed it in post. ❤

My employer, Shopify, announced layoffs today and I've been affected. If you're looking for someone with deep experience with developer tooling and developer environments, I'd love to work with you. I've spent the last two years building Shopify's in-house cloud developer environment, and I have extensive experience building developer tools as one of members of the Homebrew package manager's Project Leadership Committee.

Whoop! 🎉 I've just called a #Rust #WASM module from my #Vite #Vue app! :awesome:

It uses rsw with it's Vite plugin:

Good examples can be found here:

It requires a bit of config, but not too bad, given that it's bleeding edge.

What tripped me up in the very end:
You need to call `init()` first from your wasm module, otherwise error "wasm is undefined", when calling your function.

#WebAssembly #WebDev #VueJS #RustLang

Love Guadalupe River State ! People don't think of this when they think of ...

They think of gun violence and ridiculous laws about women's health.

I try to avoid energy drinks - I drink plenty of black coffee. This Alani Nu "cosmic stardust" stuff though... It's great.

Exercise, dehydration, and lack of sleep were conspiring to make me feel unproductive this afternoon. Now I'm feeling fantastic, and having fun being productive and rocking out to some music.

Common phases of bash script development:

1. Working out a one-liner interactively at the CLI
2. C-x C-e and then saving the one-liner into a file
3. Reformatting for linebreaks and legibility
4. Hoisting literal values into variables
5. Adding comments & print_usage()
6. Handling runtime configuration (config file, exported env vars, getopts)
7. Logging, verbosity, error handling & reporting
8. Restructuring for performance, legibility, logic
9. Promote logical flow to a different language

SATX posted some videos from last year - very appreciative of their work. Here's mine - a "why and how to setup a log4shell range in the cloud".

Me before today: and are basically the same.

Today: let's add an external node to this on demand so I can do big things!

Me today: dang, k3s and k3d are different in important ways 😥

New baby: asleep. 3 yr old: asleep. Wife: asleep. Dog: asleep. Cat: I mean, you know he's asleep, it's a sunny afternoon and he's a cat.

Time to get some groceries I guess 😆

US friends, take note. I went to vote in Berlin today and this was the line in front of the polling station. “But wait! There is no line!” Indeed. There is no line because there need not be one. Because it’s about how polling is organised. If you are standing in a line for hours in order to exercise your democratic rights, it’s because someone wants you to.#polling #democracy #righttovote

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