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"But [fact-checking] it’s more than mere propaganda. It’s a violation of the civil rights of millions of Americans. At, we believe that..."

Yes - the ellipses are from the original. They aren't sure what they believe.

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I was wondering where the idiot conspiracy theorists were.

Just stumbled into and healthranger.

And we can use emoji now! A blessing for modern programming!
@finity @alex

The robots.txt issue this guy highlights are the least of his worries. He doesn't seem to realize that what he is describing as having built is embarrassingly bad.


Last night my Mom said she always looks forward to Christmas so much. Then she enjoys it, but it ends so quickly, and she wonders where the time went and gets kinda sad.

I just realized that's how I feel about lunch almost every day.

"When KQED reached out to San Francisco Recreation and Parks Department General Manager Phil Ginsburg, [he said]:

"Looks like a great spot to get baked," "we will leave it up until the cookie crumbles.""

Just walked my eldest son through upgrading the RAM on his laptop with the 32 GB I got him for Christmas. 👍

Baboons are kinda ugly. Especially compared to tigers, say. I would guess lots of humans feel this way. But baboons are closer to us evolutionarily. I wonder if there's something to that... Like, an "uncanny valley" thing.

One of the better hacking movies, and that word is not said once.

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I love the little things they get right in the movie Sneakers. Solving the wrong problem when the answer is right in your face (password on keyboard scene). Crypto jargon that seems close enough (Janek's symposium scene).

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