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Virgin Galactic to launch next space tourist mission on Oct. 5

Virgin Galactic plans to launch 'Galactic 04,' its fifth spaceflight in the last five months, on Oct. 5 from Spaceport America in New Mexico.

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Japan launches SLIM moon lander, XRISM X-ray telescope on space doubleheader (video)

SLIM will take a long, looping and fuel-efficient route to the moon, finally reaching lunar orbit three to four months from now. It will then eye the lunar surface for another month or so before attempting a touchdown inside Shioli Crater, a 1,000-foot-wide (300 m) impact feature that lies at 13 degrees south latitude, on the moon's near side.


A dust devil swirl across Mars in this video from NASA's Perseverance rover

Perseverance captured imagery of the dust devil from a few miles away on Aug. 30, 2023.

NASA's Perseverance rover has given us a great look at a weather phenomenon that's very familiar to folks who live in desert regions here on Earth.


Chikyū no koa wa kodai no kaitei ni torikakoma rete iru?… Koa no kōon no gen'in kamo shirenai
Is the Earth's core surrounded by an ancient ocean floor? ...may be the cause of the high temperature of the core.

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SpaceX launch of NASA's Psyche asteroid mission is just 1 week away

The Falcon Heavy is scheduled to launch NASA's Psyche spacecraft from the agency's Kennedy Space Center in Florida on Oct. 5.

A previously unknown giant herbivore discovered (video)

A new subspecies of grass lizard, which has been named Garumbatitan morellensis, was discovered in Spain.

This new dinosaur has been named Garumbatitan morellensis and was 10 meters high and 25 meters long.

The herbivore was a four-legged herbivore with a long neck and tail, not unlike a brachiosaurus.

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Prepare your Firefox desktop extension for the upcoming Android release

In the coming months Mozilla will launch support for an open ecosystem of extensions on Firefox for Android on (AMO). We’ll announce a definite launch date in early September, but it’s safe to expect a roll-out before the year’s end. Here’s everything developers need to know to get their Firefox desktop extensions ready for Android usage and discoverability on AMO…

OSIRIS-REx probe will bring pristine asteroid samples to Earth on Sept. 24

The $1 billion OSIRIS-REx mission launched atop a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket in September 2016.

Mars Sample Return got a new price tag. It’s big

Independent review finds mission could cost as much as $11 billion and pushes NASA to delay or rethink program

NASA’s audacious Mars Sample Return (MSR) mission has serious technical flaws and “unrealistic” assumptions about its budget and timetable, an independent review found in a report released yesterday. Originally estimated to cost some $4 billion, the reviewers found that NASA’s share of the mission could end up costing between $8 billion to $11 billion, and that launch could happen no sooner than 2030, 2 years later than now planned.


NASA's Ingenuity helicopter breaks altitude record on 59th Mars flight

NASA's Ingenuity Mars helicopter soared higher than ever before over the weekend, getting 66 feet (20 meters) above the ground on its 59th Red Planet flight.

Before Flight 59, the helicopter's altitude mark stood at 59 feet (18 m). Its single-flight distance and duration records are 2,310 feet (704 m) and 169.5 seconds, set in April 2022 and August 2021, respectively.


Hello Apollo - Apptronik

Say hello to Apollo. Our latest humanoid robot. Apollo is built in partnership is NASA. Apollo's goal is to help humans by offloading tasks that are dangerous or that we don't want to do.

SpaceX rocket launches Starlink satellites on record-breaking 17th flight

The company just extended its rocket-reuse record.

A SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket just set a reuse record.

Tuesday night's liftoff extended another record as well: It was SpaceX's 65th orbital mission of the year. The company's previous mark, 61, was set in 2022.

Is it possible to install 32-bit .exe file on 64-bit with/using ? I had no such problem installing my .exe file I need with my i386 before, but now when switched to 64-bit it seems nothing launches when I try run this .exe file with now.

Elon Musk Suggests He Will Charge All X/Twitter Users a Fee to Be on the Platform

“[We’re] moving to a small monthly payment for use of the X system,”

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