another interesting word is fui - 不意, which literally means "without thought" - thoughtless. If something is thoughtless it is sudden, abrupt, and unexpected. To do something thoughtless means to lose and to waste. and when something became thoughtless it means it came to nothing, ended without result.

word sekkaku literally means "break horn/antlers" meaning that something like probably some animal may break its horn/antlers trying to get something difficult to obtain it really wants because it is so valuable/precious to it. For this reason sekkaku also means valuable/precious.

Yudan suru na yo
Don't let your guard down
Stay alert
Keep your wits
Literally: Do not do/be yudan

yudan negligence, carelessness, inattention, unpreparedness, being off guard, 油断, yu oil, fat, 油, dan sever, cut, stop, end, break off, give up, be out, 断
To help memorise this word Japanese people refer to a story about a person who have to keep light on by adding oil - because it's dark, means if you do not add oil to feed fire you have no light means you are not keeping your guard, being careless and unprepared, and so on.

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