So I got home around 1 am and decided to get for a 10 miles (22 km) bike right through farm land in the middle of nowhere. I'm half way through my route and stopped at a bench by then bike path and still haven't seen a single person car or bike. Why can't it always be this way.

@freemo there was a period of time where I used to hit this 24hr gym at late late hours, like 4am. Loved the solitude and cool temperatures!

@n I always enjoyed the middle of the night, except for all the shops being closed. I wish the shops were open just no people, self checkout everywhere :blobcheer:

@freemo we're night owls I see! I'm a bit of a photography enthusiast and did a small photo essay on a series of photographs captured between 12mn-6am, back when I was unemployed and seeking... -something-. I think I'll dust it off and post it up here soon!

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