So I got home around 1 am and decided to get for a 10 miles (22 km) bike right through farm land in the middle of nowhere. I'm half way through my route and stopped at a bench by then bike path and still haven't seen a single person car or bike. Why can't it always be this way.

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@freemo Because most people sleep at 1am. I mean, not me, but most people.

The Netherlands always has cold nights even in summer. But if I'm excercising I like it cold

@freemo there was a period of time where I used to hit this 24hr gym at late late hours, like 4am. Loved the solitude and cool temperatures!

@n I always enjoyed the middle of the night, except for all the shops being closed. I wish the shops were open just no people, self checkout everywhere :blobcheer:

@freemo we're night owls I see! I'm a bit of a photography enthusiast and did a small photo essay on a series of photographs captured between 12mn-6am, back when I was unemployed and seeking... -something-. I think I'll dust it off and post it up here soon!

This cycling around must have been so wonderful that instead of the usual 16 kms, your 10 miles lasted for 22! <3

@arteteco haha I know, its all Einsteins fault :)

I mixed up the conversion rate for weight and length :)

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