Another example of just what a music nib can do. This is my first time doing a lot of these fancy print letters, still perfecting the letter a though. I dont like the first one, but the others are nicer.

ยท 0 ยท 1 ยท 2

@MominRasool Playing with all the cool nibs is fun. When i first got the music nib earlier today I hated it. Now that I learned what it can and cant do I am starting to love it.

@freemo I remember the feeling I got the first time I started practicing calligraphy. It was simply amazing. However, that effect wears off rather quickly and now it takes a lot for me to impress myself. I started with a pilot parallel pen (3,8 mm) and moved on from there.

I've noticed that switching between a wide and a narrow calligraphy nib changes everything. My italic is acceptable in all sizes, but textura quadrata and fraktur just don't work if the nib is narrower than 1,9 mm. Therefore, I would recommend trying wider nibs too. You'll be amazed.

@PunaisetPimpulat My music nib is VERY broad (probably a 3B) But it isnt calligraphy, none of the pens are. But it comes closer than the rest.

@freemo it's wide enough to give you plenty of line variation, so I would say it's good enough for italic, foundational and uncial. The edge of the line is probably about as crisp as with a stub nib, which is acceptable. Writing with an actual calligraphy pen is really scratchy and IMO it doesn't really add all that much to the resulting line structure.

@freemo Keep going! BTW, did you know that there are specialist nibs, specifically meant for calligraphy? Here's one example:

@illandan Yes I'm aware, I am trying to stick to everyday fountain pens right now. A set I can carry with me and use at any time

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