The Swiss System of Direct Democracy is not perfect but it is my preferred system if you include the features of Ranked Choice Voting and Mixed Member Proportional.

Democracy isn't suppose to be convenient for the top or cheap either. It is suppose to be fair.

@TheGnuMaster Democracy, of any kind, is only good as its people. I dont look to better forms of government to fix the problem, it wont, I put my energy and hope in changing people to have the intellectual and moral integrity to make the system work, any system.

@freemo The system influences the society just as the society influences the system though.
It's hard to have a highly moral society in a system that openly rewards malice.

@xrevan86 Yes I agree, a group with a lot of mallice will always form governments that reflect that. Such a system, just as the people themselves, self-perpetuate such a system as well.

But you simply cant correctly change a government for the better if the people arent already better themselves.

The government is designed to change slowly. As such the morality of the government will always lag behind its people. The people need to change first always.

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