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@freemo It be easier if they found someone with more charisma than a sea sponge.

@freemo Trump will be elected again.

The Democrats are pro choice republicans.

Dems are corrupt and Trump threatens taking their base because of that.

And Bernie Sanders has already proven he is not willing to oppose those who rigged the primaries against him.

Personally I am glad that where I live I will never have to worry about the lesser of two evils shit that you folks have.

Mixed Member Proportional is the best parliamentary setup.

@freemo On multiple issues like War, Healthcare, Jobs etc Trump ran to the LEFT of Hillary Clinton.
Just think about it for a second.

The Swiss System of Direct Democracy is not perfect but it is my preferred system if you include the features of Ranked Choice Voting and Mixed Member Proportional.

Democracy isn't suppose to be convenient for the top or cheap either. It is suppose to be fair.

@TheGnuMaster Democracy, of any kind, is only good as its people. I dont look to better forms of government to fix the problem, it wont, I put my energy and hope in changing people to have the intellectual and moral integrity to make the system work, any system.

@freemo Democracy, much like Communism, only works good on paper. This is why America was not a Democracy but a Constitutional Representational-Republic. However, due to numerous changes throughout its history it is a Democracy now. "The founding fathers hated two things: Democracy and Monarchy. And they saw to it we would have neither." Now, look at things. Completely false today. If you choose to defend democracy, then fine, but it is a flawed system from the getgo.
@freemo The system influences the society just as the society influences the system though.
It's hard to have a highly moral society in a system that openly rewards malice.

@xrevan86 Yes I agree, a group with a lot of mallice will always form governments that reflect that. Such a system, just as the people themselves, self-perpetuate such a system as well.

But you simply cant correctly change a government for the better if the people arent already better themselves.

The government is designed to change slowly. As such the morality of the government will always lag behind its people. The people need to change first always.

@freemo I agree that people should have intellectual and moral integrity.

However I disagree that any system can or should work.
There are systems (by systems I mean so called 'democracies') designed to hand cuff the people which are wrong and should not exist.

When the system is rigged to prevent the TRUE free flow of information, even in areas which cause offense (in other words where it hurts) the populous can not make informed decisions and will therefore if they participate will make the wrong decisions.

Just look at the French Presidential Elections.

Macron was a corporate sell out from the start.

People were not informed properly about their choices and due to the American style of fear campaigning a true People's candidate was not able to be elected as the head of state in France.

Hillary Clinton, a war monger and (by many global standards a criminal) was voted by the populous because they again were not informed properly.

The major Internet Companies, Facebook, Google, Twitter, Amazon etc. all interfered with the free flow of information.
So called Mainstream Media TV Networks did the same.

Many Hillary Clinton supporters were and are still to this day, willfully ignorant of their ability as a society to vote for an anti-war candidate (or third party).

I bring up that last paragraph to counter your point on making the system work.
It is not always the best way as the American experiment has continuously throughout its history proven.

Healthcare as a basic right was suppose to be available to American's since the 1940s however because their system is not able to work, HC is still not available today.

@TheGnuMaster I never meant to say any system can or should work. What I meant is that if the populace doesnt have good morals and good reasoning skills then every system WILL fail.

That said if the populace has those qualities than any system which would fail despite those qualities (such as a monarchy) would be overturned by the people and a system which does work would be chosen.

In the end we have never had a nation on earth where its people were of high enough character to ever create an ideal system...

@TheGnuMaster No worries, the blame could just as easily be on me for not being more clear in my opinions.

@freemo is this a comment on the awe inspiring idiocy of the electorate? It’s sexism? The power of fake news? Remember when Hillary was running a sex ring from the basement of a pizza parlor?

@celtic_tiger Its a laugh at the fact that the only reason Trump won is because he was the second worst candidate for president we have ever had, the first one being Hillary.

@freemo Trump was the worse than Hillary. The problem was the shallowness of the press coverage, the approach to reporting on elections as some form of entertainment rather than a serious business of selecting a leader. You may personally despise her, but Hillary would have been an effective president, a stark contrast to the laughingstock now in the Oval Office.

@celtic_tiger From the actions I've seen of her there isnt even an iota of truth in that assertion. While its pointless to argue over what pile of shit smells worse I will just leave it at the fact that they are both horrific, who is the worst and who is the second worse is hardly important.

Blame the media all you want but it sounds pretty silly saying someone will be a good leader and yet looses to someone no one wanted to vote for in the first place.

Literally a well dressed monkey could have easily beat him.

@freemo So, the dozen or so monkeys running against him for the Republican nomination we’re not dressed well enough.

@celtic_tiger I was referring to the presidential election not the primaries.Typically primaries see a very different (and fewer) of the population voting. A small group of hard core extremists can and often do get all sorts of scum as candidates, just look at hillary for another example of that.