The best, deepest, dialogues they ever had on Star Trek: Voyager.

Janeway: Let me ask you something. If you were something other than a human being, if you were a different kind of animal... If you were a small bird, a sparrow - what would your world be like?

da Vinci: I should make my home in a tree, in the branch of an elm. I should hunt insects for food, straw for my nest, and in the springtime, I should sing for a companion.

Janeway: And you would know nothing of the politics of Florence - the cutting of marble or mathematics.

da Vinci: Of course not.

Janeway: But why not?

da Vinci: My mind would be too small.

Janeway: As a sparrow, your mind would be too small, even with the best of teachers?

da Vinci: If Aristotle himself were to perch on my branch and lecture till he... fell off from exhaustion - still the limits of my mind would prevent me from understanding.

Janeway: And as a man, can you accept that there may be certain realities beyond the limits of your comprehension?

da Vinci: If I could not accept that... then I would be a fool.

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@freemo i did enjoy gimli-davinci, i don't think he deserved getting hated on

@kit Was he hated on? I think he did a great job in that role.

@freemo i think he's one of those characters like vic fontaine where at first he got hated on online and now people have fond memories

(probably due to different demographics posting at different times, lots of people who hated on probably don't rewatch, etc)

@kit I think that describes voyager as a whole really. People didnt like it much at first but now people seem to see it as a decent series.

@nerthos I wouldnt go that far, but it was one of the good ones. TNG will always be best IMO :)

@freemo TNG was good too, I used to watch it as a kid. But the overall story and some of the characters were less compelling to me than Voyager's.

They're both vastly superior to the original though.

@nerthos I can understand that. I mostly prefer TNG because I felt it made stronger philosophical and moral points. Voyager didnt offer me the same level of insight.

@freemo I'd have to rewatch them now to look at them from that point of view, as a kid I cared way more about the series' story being compelling.

Neither will beat Babylon 5 when it comes to philosophical and moral content though.
@nerthos @freemo yeah.. don't. You're honestly better off with The Orvillse. At least Seth is a big Star Trek fan.

@freemo I'll always love Voyager. I used to watch it with my Mother, and I still treasure that time I had with her. She lives very far away now, so those kinds of experiences are worth more than gold.

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