So I recently got a few thousand boards printed up for my protoboard design. Tested them on a few circuits and im amazed how well they work. I'm writing the datasheet now and we will begin selling on digikey, mouser, and many other big names soon.

In the meantime any EE people out there want a free board? We are going to hand out a few hundred for free to get people interested.

Here are some past posts I made about it for some background info. I've also attached an image of the final boards.

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@snder By the way this project forms a third company under This one you likely wont be getting involved in because its hardware and a relatively small project. But just wanted to show you part of what is under cleverthis

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Seems pretty cool 😎 Haha I get that, I’m also more of software guy

@freemo Looks fantastic. Is it *the* ultimate RF-friendly breadboard everyone wanted?

@niconiconi I guess that depends on who you ask. I think so. But if this is successful I have plans for other models and variations that I think will take it to the next level.

@niconiconi It is designed with a ground plane in v2 which is ore suited for RF btw. But this one is for smt and I've used it for RF

@nonlinear Sure thing. Just send an email asking for one to

@freemo i just noticed the date on this. are you still doing this giveaway? syncleus looks neat :)

@freemo why thank you good sir :) I’ll shoot you my address.

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