Thoughts? Is this ok?

My feeling is despite the origins in stripping in its current form it is no different than dancing. I dont see a problem with this. But I'd like to hear your thoughts.

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@freemo At least she could wear pants, right? I mean, this looks just like underwear to me.

I have a few friends doing pole dance, and 2 teaching it (my circus-related past), both male and female. It's really more akin to an aereal disciplines like chinese pole or trapeze than to dancing imo, great fun and healthy activity!

@arteteco @freemo Ehhhh.... In a circus way, sure, not a problem, but there needs to be some marketing talk about how this is done and the picture there.

I'm not sure what I think about it, on a second thought.

@freemo @arteteco Something about the advert makes me uncomfortable, and I think it's that there's a sexualization of children aspect to it. At least, as I see it.

Like, I've got no issue with pole dancing as a workout, or even an art piece, but I don't know. It feels a little weird and makes me uncomfortable. It might be cognitive dissonance because I, personally, immediately associate pole dancing with strip clubs and that's a kid on a pole and Ew.

@arteteco Actually thats a very fair point, it does seem more like an acrobatic thing to me, close to rope dancing really.

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