@zlax Hi, I'm making this post public so it can also serve as a notification to our own users.

Since you, and your server has repeatedly violated our one rule for federation, to respect a users right to disengage, we have voted and decided your instance will now be silenced.

This is due to several reasons

1) the offending user is also the admin of ussr.win (you zlax)

2) you, the admin, have stated explicitly you would continue to message users who have asked you not to

3) When banned you have set up multiple accounts to avoid those bans. You have done so knowingly and admited to this publicly.

4) You have behaved this way towards multiple QOTO users

5) In one such case you have followed a QOTO user across multiple servers continuing the harassment

6) You have admitted to the above, feel justified, and continue with the harassment.

Since this is against our ToS we are moving forward with a silencing of ussr.win but as with all servers should ussr.win in the future come into compliance with out minimal rules for federation listed on the QOTO ToS we will be happy to consider removing the silence.

The silencing will be effective immediately.

@arteteco @Surasanji

I tried my best, and I'm sorry such things happen, but in the end this had to be done. I'm with you.

I'll update the topic on the forum about it

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