For those of you who missed the announcement from the @freemo account just wanted to reiterate it here.

In honor of our new Indian friends we added two new emoji to the server.

:india: :thiruvalluvar:

Also if anyone has any emoji they want added, even if its just for personal use (like a monogram of your name or a picture of your own face, anything) we can add it. Just send a 50kb or less PNG image to @freemo and it can be added.


You would be welcome here with open-arms should you ever want to join us.


@Deepsealioness @freemo @QOTO So yeah, your toots do go away, yeah. You do manage to keep your following list. Your followers...well, I just deployed my own Mastodon instance and I'm trying to migrate my followers. Not working yet.



ou can migrate who you follow, but not who follows you. They have to choose to follow the new account, which is encouraged through the forwarding placed on your old account.

Usually what users do is they import the list of people they follow then just send an announcement to everyone to encourage you to refollow you at the new account.

@Deepsealioness @QOTO

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