For those of you who missed the announcement from the @freemo account just wanted to reiterate it here.

In honor of our new Indian friends we added two new emoji to the server.

:india: :thiruvalluvar:

Also if anyone has any emoji they want added, even if its just for personal use (like a monogram of your name or a picture of your own face, anything) we can add it. Just send a 50kb or less PNG image to @freemo and it can be added.


You would be welcome here with open-arms should you ever want to join us.


@freemo @QOTO I still don’t understand how to move , will I lose my data etc, once I figure out


anyone who goes to your old account on M.S would be forwarded to your new account automatically (and it would say on your account that you moved to the new location).

You can also import all your followers to your new account. Old posts will remain under your old account but since the account links to your new one this may not be a big deal for you, since you can still access old posts.



To clarify, you can only import the people you follow. the people who follow you need to choose to follow the new account. But the forwarding on your old account helps to encourage them to do so.


@freemo @Deepsealioness @QOTO there is a tool to dm all of your followers about your new account:

You can also set your account as moved, so when people search the old one it will point to the new one.

@freemo @Deepsealioness @QOTO As far as goes, some instances and users silence it due to sometimes defective/very slow moderation (see @ArtistMarciaX's recent experience with trolls). It's generally better if we can spread out onto lots of small instances, as it makes moderation easier and makes sure it becomes less centralized (mastodon with everyone on one instance is just Twitter again - centralized! )



I tend to agree, particularly because it means a higher moderator to user ratio so us mods can actually consider the human aspect behind our decisions.

Also it means smaller servers like will respond much quicker to trolls and spam accounts. That means we have a relatively clean local timeline with almost no ads and very little drama.

@Deepsealioness @QOTO

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