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Someone help me. I want all posts to be hidden inside a parent post.

@Full_marx thanks for those posts, they explained well the whole controversy. TY!


It is actually a very complex issue.

Has very little to do with religion and more so with getting people out of the mindset of religion=votes.

Article on how Archaelogocal Discoveries were suppresed.

Article on how peace could have been brokered 30 years ago but the liberals in power did nothing

@Full_marx @design_RG The liberals and Marxist historians were the ones responsible for making this such a big issue. back in 1980's the islamic side were ready to handover the land to Hindus for building a Ram Temple. It was the Marxists historians who convinced the Muslims not to handover the land.
K K Mohammad, the ex-chief of Archeological Society of India, in his report clearly mentioned the presence of a grand temple. Watch him speak -

@iakshay @design_RG

Be carefull.

I got banned here for openly being right wing.

It was instance.

I don’t know what I did wrong and no explanation was given either.

I lost all my toots and all my follwers.
Maybe someday I will ask @gargaron

You can say -Dil “Toot” gaya !!!!


So now I have come back as Karl Poopie Marx himself.

Ab ban kar kay dikhao !!!!!

@Full_marx @iakshay @design_RG Wow, if you're blocked for simply being a 'right-winger' then that sucks! But if you didn't follow their community guidelines then i can understand. I'm sure @freemo won't do such things, for no Apparent/Valid reason.

@Karthikdeva @iakshay @design_RG @freemo

I had a swastika as my dp.

It was a diwali rangoli.

Maybe they though I was a brown nazi supporter IDK

Otherwise I rather accept defeat than abuse anyone.

@Full_marx @Karthikdeva @iakshay @freemo Yes, I think it was a knee jerk reaction to the image. Too bad they never engaged you to request removal, or give you a chance to explain that the swastika is an ancient symbol in India, with deep and spiritual significance. Was coopted by the Nazis, but had been and is still around with other meanings.



Agreed, no mater how "obvious" the first step should be to engage a person first. What a shame :(

@Full_marx @Karthikdeva @iakshay

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