Won't read newspaper, won't turn on the news report channels and then won't worry about the innocent people all over the world getting hurt over and over again by the oppressive governments.
Because these articles and videos bring tears to my eyes. Maybe this way, I'll ignore everything that's happening around me and I'll learn to live like most of human beings that aren't affected by these incidents and issues.
Ignorance is bliss.



Nothing wrong with running away, the real question should be, what are you running towards...


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@freemo @_lunawinters

Than You are running from pain of other people rather Than helping them


Maybe, but not necceseraly. I dont need to read the news to know people are suffering. I can still take food to the homeless and feed them even if i dont read about all the homeless that die daily.

I dont think its as black and white as you suggest.


@freemo @_lunawinters

πŸ€” Hmm, Well all I wanted to say that help the needy people and if people help each other we won't have any news like people are suffering but reality is reality.

Although all I want that people should help each other as you do and having a sense of reality will motivate them to help each other more

@freemo @inditoot @_lunawinters I have a friend. He couldn't finish college. He tried to do programming but constantly run into frustrations of poor instructions and lack of help and encouragement from his college. He spends most of his time playing video games and "running away from reality" that is his own future, let alone reality of the world. If he tries to face reality, all that greets him is the "reality" that there's no place in this world for him. No one wants an unmotivated "lazy ass" like him. He is not able to function in this society and likewise this society has no place for him.

And yet he is my absolute best friend. He talked me out of feeling worthless when I couldn't make anything work. He nudged me into game jams and gave me ideas for me to work on. He played games with me and helped distracting me on days when I feel like shit, not just shit about myself but shit about society and "reality". Everytime I slip, I got back on my feet because he yanked me out of "reality" and helped me experience a better way of life, proving to me that it is totally possible to feel better about yourself, and all the more proof that before you can save the world, you gotta save yourself first.

He's totally running away from reality, but in his case, I hope he won't ever have to face it. If anything, reality doesn't deserve his gift.

"Before you can save the world, you gotta save yourself" this hit me.

@freemo @inditoot

@inditoot No you misunderstood my story. My friend is someone who runs away from reality, yet still manage to think beyond himself. In fact he thinks for everyone but himself. @_lunawinters @freemo

Your post above about your friend is wonderful, thank you for sharing these thoughts.

Posts like those are what I really value, not single line random musings, irrelevant to most.

Cheers, and I hope your friend can find a way to use his talents and feel better again.

We all struggle.

@freemo @inditoot @_lunawinters

@design_RG He's actually going through an existential break down right now, the second time I've seen it happened to him. I'm very emotional right now myself but I just hope he stays alive. @freemo @inditoot @_lunawinters

I hope so too. Is he in the Norther hemisphere? Winter is a particularly had season for everyone here.

I am glad that I was inspired by a BBC article I saw on TW, and talked abuot the Indian users migration to Mastodon.

Intriguing, made me curious and I found this place. Now I have lots of ideas to keep me ticking over a season I don't enjoy.

Love it!

Maybe invite your friend to join us at Qoto?

@freemo @inditoot @_lunawinters

@design_RG Scotland, perhaps not as harsh of a winter as Scandinavia, but still quite wintry.

He already shut himself from a lot of Discord groups that he was in. I don't dare to put him through more social pressure right now, no matter how positive. The dark power of self hatred is not to be taken lightly. @freemo @inditoot @_lunawinters

Scotland I have never visited, but I can imagine it being worse in Winter than here. Bleak, windy, cold, shorter days even as it's further Northern latitude.

That can be very hard on people.

IKEA's designs use brilliant colours for that reason, to bring some colour and cheer into people's lives and help counter the S.A.D.

@freemo @inditoot @_lunawinters

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