Yay, this week I spoke to official devs on the Ubuntu and Debian project and it seems my Aparapi Library will be in both mainline Debian and Ubuntu package managers soon!

Go / :opensource:


@freemo that looks really cool! i should play with gpgpu stuff again, last time was in my student job.

@bonifartius Only thing i find annoying about it is that it is in Java, which is a great language just not very fun. But as the main developer I realized that Java is really better suited for this solution than most other languages anyway.

@freemo well, it's better than cuda c i've used back then, i guess :) i've also always wanted to check out futhark, but it was very experimental back then. if the job had been a few years later it would've been much easier, so many interesting tools to choose from now :)

@bonifartius its definately a lot nicer than Cuda C or opencl..

Odd part is writing the project didnt prevent me from having to touch C.. the project actually looks at the java bytecode, and reverse engineers it into opencl at runtime and then compiles it... You think writing OpenCL is a pain in the ass, try writing a program that writes it for you AND reverse engineers bytecode at the same time :)

@freemo i like that it is a bytecode to opencl compiler. i think many interesting things can be done by repurposing/transforming existing bytecodes. like the many languages which use the jvm.

my project back then included parsing a (simple) input language, generating cuda kernels for it. i've never really got it to work properly though.
i sometimes think about building something like it as side project, but now i haven't got that much spare time anymore. but it's always nagging me that it never got really finished :D


@bonifartius Thats actually a conversation me and the team has discussed many times for things that might go beyond just OpenCL in the future and lead to all sorts of cool tech.

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