FUCK! Somehow I missed a single trace when I sent my boards off to get prototyped!!! At least its not a production run, but still this is super annoying. I'll have to jump it with a wire but might cause some RFI, not happy about this at all!

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Prototypes I usually use OSH Park if I want a rush delivery (in this case I did) and/or four layers (again this is four layer).

I would not recommend them for large runs of boards though, also if you dont need it any time soon there are cheaper places for prototype boards.

If you dont mind a long wait but also want them cheap with a good selection of options you can go with DirtyPCB. You can get it rushed from them too but its still coming from china in that case so you just cant get anything too quickly from them if you arent in china.


@freemo @Electronics in the past I've looked into possibly getting pcbs made for custom keyboards- one project I'm still working on would require a flexible pcb as it would be made part of of a wearable. I saw one time while window shopping that a supplier offered some sort of testing before shipping. Is that common to you?

@freemo @Electronics I wonder how your CAD missed that during its sanity check.

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