the question whether covid19 vaccine is suspiciously containing a chip or not is always important topic to be asked. And I see the reasonable attitude of us to be wary of this, because it's already exist the technology of implanting chip in this era. and if this does screwed you up, who will guarantee? it's no different to eat nuclear bread unknowingly and get 10 millions dollar of justice which doesn't pay anything.

and if hypothetically it's true and the effect seen ten years afterwards, we can see the caste system imposed on us. there'll be difference of service to those who vaccinated (also proof that they're stupid) and those who're not. This is social credit score --forced. and not to mention if the vaccine actually reducing your body quality, I mean georgia stone is no longer a conspiracy right?

aaah there's an old saying : better to die, than living tortured. and there's also saying better fight to the death, than letting our descendants living as a slaves. :ablobcaramelldansen:

and will our government failing us?
is there anyone explaining this to them?
while we're vaccinated they just then wet-dreaming enjoying themself as newly established technocratic class by not-chip-vaccinated? :ablobsurpriseblush:



LOL I assume this was meant as a joke, that is how I took it.

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this 'vaccination agenda' or this video as general?

@blinkwarp The idea that the covid vaccine could seriously be a means to insert a chip into people, for example... the Conspiracy Theory nuttery basically.

before the great reset is actually a conspiracy theory right, but are you sure covid19 itself is not a bioweapon? if it's evolution why it's suddenly acutely affecting us? I mean for now I'm open to all weird facts and dystopian possibility that can disrupt humanity.

and what can I do? as I'm public health graduate, I'm more to preventive endeavor and has pessimistic view of everything, this pandemic just make it worse lol

but as things going, I know it's possible that there's also agenda to fool us to bring us systematically to the wrong choices. Like if vaccine is actually good => reject it = total destruction.

@blinkwarp Wait, wow, you were serious...

Are you really a professional scientist/engineer or studying to be one? You do know this server is exclusive to those in the STEM community right? Forgive me but its hard to think someone who is a professional in our field would actually have these sorts of opinions.

no public health is on the policy maker side of health department, we (PH) do the work based on the result of experiment. Me saying about my education is just to emphasize my disposition against all the info, I'm more to preventive approach.

and it's okay to be a conspiracy realist man. maybe before I'm too hell bent to watch the data before even think the way to mitigate (sequential thinking). But now everything happens so fast, to cope w/ every implemented policy you ought to be more creative. And I never shy to break away w/ my opinion anyway: free way of thinking but conservative in action is my dao.

@ravenclaw said this is actually impossible, that's based on imperfect information actually. we don't know what's the exactly. and to say about the chip : I more into believe (if it were to exist) it's more about identification/human tagger.

or maybe the media only trolling us w/ magnificent opera? who knows?


One of our rules that we explicitly state on our about page is that you **must** be a professional in stem or training to be one.

Therefore you are required to let us know if you are a STEM professional and if not you would be required to move to a different server. It is nothing personal, but those are the rules of the server stated on the front door.

So I will ask again, are you a STEM professional, and if so what is your profession/training?


@freemo @ravenclaw currently I'm self-employed do exotic-bird breeding and also doing an online business. Other than that tweaking linux is my hobby.

Do undergraduate of public health faculty is not STEM based according to you?

Maaan.. calm down I'm not like some legal body, my status update is often silly do I need to be held accountable one by one? LoL


No no, you are fine. I just needed to know you were in STEM. We check with most people. As long as you either studies, practice, work in, or love STEM then you are perfectly fine.

So that answer satisfies me, your good by me.


@blinkwarp sure. Maybe it's not some kind of high tech nanobots or chips but some kind of id tag.
But for real, no one can mass produce this because of :
1. To built a taggers you need to nake it unique and unique could be the taggers carry different electronic response to the trigger (if it really exist).
According to "moore's law" in it's "oversimplified" version ***cpu get shrink half of it's size every year***
"But" there's limit for this.
The smallest chips we can potentially made out is 1 atom size.
But here's the catch.
> We lacks the knowledge needed to built one thats fully working, material wise and literal knowledge wise.

And i'm sorry i can't link a good source.
I'm at my lazy state. You could refer to this oversimplified video.
The key part is "quantum mechanics"
And "general relativity" and you could go to google scholar with both of that keyword.

2. This could only be a sized of maximum 0.05 mm since human eyes can see object as small as 0.1 mm.

3. And to since bio engineered virus and bacteria are easier to work with. Scientist tend to use that instead for nano stuff (at least for now).
You could watch this video to understand "more" why i called it "easier" :
> but there's a catch too. Virus mutate quickly and bacteria died easily.
so putting bio taggers woudln't work.

I rarely mess with conspiracy if it's just a harmless fun like lizard people or flat earth. But this. Isn't harmless my dude.


While I generally have a huge distaste for conspiracy theories there are the absolute nutty ones and then ones where im like "well that is possible but there is still no evidence and it would be hard to pull off"... this one is just nutty...

There are so many limitations and even fundamental laws of phsyics, that make this impossible... If there is a chip then you would see it in the liquid, the conspiracy wouldnt get so far.

If it were nanobot microscopic shit they would be impossible to communicate on RF as their antenna would be far too small to be able to communicate on any useful frequency. The smaller the antenna the less effective it is at a given frquency, specifically those at wavelenths above the antenna size. So to be small enough to be unable to be seen by the naked eye means they are too small to act as a chip in anyway.

The reason its so laughable as an idea is because even if there was, somehow, the unbelievable cooperation of people en masse to make this possible, it STILL wouldnt be possible.

We are in flat earth territory here.


> nutty
Downright insane for my taste. :ablobdundundun:

> there are so many limitations . . . so far.

> if it were nanobot microscopic . . . in anyway
That too. I forgot to mention that on my comments.

> we are in flat earth teritory here
Can't agree more sir. :ablobdundundun:

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