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This is just my small habit, on how to break A ROUTINE/natural FILTER bubble 'avoiding the determinism in fate',

do daily search for a random 'knowledge' (content),

and that doesn't disappoint me really,

I think it will BLOWN up even bigger if this happening

Internet schism?

and I hope they don't use something like 'europe net', 'global south net', 'huxia net' or even 'shariah net' as a brand in the future

Gemmarius [FEMA V]  
How is no one talking about alternative DNS roots amid all this shit? It’s not going to be long before ICANN starts reclaiming all the conservative...

Also to my government (indonesia), till this date they literally banned and because of 'porn content' but they'll never ban twitter for 'porn' and even they might ignore 'child porn'.

*btw not asking for governnment censorship, just pointing to their own selective enforcement.
**I myself using DNS over tls on PC, I'm not affected but can't help to nag for a bit.

Well this is disturbing but not surprising. #twitter refused to remove child porn because it didn’t ‘violate policies’: lawsuit

About cancel culture #mitigation 

About monetization,
there's already solution to that cryptocurrency

About 'depersoning',
can people cancel your personal machine? nope. Use IPFS, create some html and links of your works.

even if locals = alternative of patreon, will they not to change their mind if MAFIA w/ Cancel Gun comes to their houses?

the only solutions is the one that's bulletproof.

Health Ranger  
Its still not over.

communism was summoned,
but the one that actually acted is corporate fascism,

people lost their words and meaning.

dweb, it's like a zeronet with its own browser ... and it's support monetization (a kind of).

Richard Stallman on RNA theraphy re-branded as a Vaccine.

If u have a limited agility, then only by predicting the trajectory you can dodge the bullet.

Wow now they're targeting

And this is not google alone, time to reduce my content on legacy soc media.

1/ INCOMING! 🚨 🚨 🚨


As the resident pharmacist of SQV, I wanted to do a comprehensive thread on vaccine information and safety to dispel any rumors, myths, and/or misinfo out there about the newly available covid vaccine . Unfortunately, with the influx of new members, there seem to be more anti-vaxxers than there was before. So I felt this thread necessary for anybody who is on the fence about taking it. I am a registered pharmacist and have been practicing since 2013. According

In case you're new in the telegram, this is the list follow :

1. Voluntarist meme

2.Blackbox Archive

3. G3 news

4. Reddit /r/privacy

5. Shitpost
> many memes

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