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This is just my small habit, on how to break A ROUTINE/natural FILTER bubble 'avoiding the determinism in fate',

do daily search for a random 'knowledge' (content),

and that doesn't disappoint me really,

just an idea 

People had it made :

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just an idea 

Social network : federated archive site of ipfs page on your phone

Gnu/Linux Civil War 

Lunduke has something to say :
- civil war is funded by some corporations
- creating toxic community and hinder the FOSS development

This is where geek have to temper their social or 'going their own way' skills.

The Linux Civil War is coming (and that sucks)

the q 

what kind of natural force can tear split the submarine apart, is lack of maintenance the only reason? if so why the military training is still going on despite the condition?


how to livestream video +while also capture and cut the best part of the video into segments

can do each of that, but cannot do both lol

47. Optical Adjustment
In the course of creating visual designs, designers very very often accidentally create optical illusions. This usually *isn't* desirable. Objects the same size appear different sizes. Lines that are meant to be straight look curved. The only way around this is to carefully adjust things by hand until they "look right". This is called "optical adjustment"

everyone who supports censorship supports it for someone else

never for themselves

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youtube removing dislike counter 

Vehemently dislike this kind of policy, it will be a major winning for the scammer.

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youtube removing dislike counter 

It seems what youtube update more and more unrelated w/ technological advancement and more about serving political niche in our society.

the best of capitalism?

Suicide bombing happening again, Makasar Indonesia. Palm Sunday Mass.

waiting for a response 

come on DT πŸ˜†


Cloud : is on your own phone/certain IoT with software you truly aware of.

qutebrowser wikihow 

so after deleting directory of .local/share/qutebrowser/qutebrowser all the problem is gone


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Pop OS 

I was born Gnome,
but I want to be I3 very much

Pop!_OS: Creative Linux Distro

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