FUCK! The eyedrops I ordered just came in and I go to look at the ingredients and I see "Belladonna 6X" and im just like.. well that is a weird ingredient for eye drops, that shit is extremely toxic...then i realize, FUCK this is some homeopathic sca medicine... Cant believe I gave these snake oil salesman money for this shit.. I literally bought the most expensive bottle of water (0.5 fluid ounces) ever sold! I really need to check labels more BEFORE I order online.

They need to require all homeopathic products to have a big sticker on it that says "this shit is a sca"

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"Though widely regarded as unsafe, belladonna is taken by mouth as a , to stop bronchial spasms in and whooping cough, and as a cold and hay fever remedy. It is also used for 's disease, , inflammatory bowel disease, motion sickness, and as a painkiller."

Become an And extract the ?? I wouldn't use it myself- heck, I hesitate to use aspirin...!

@lucifargundam I see you dont know what homeopathic actually means.

The ingredients say belladonna but there is no actual belladonna in it. Homeopathy is scam/bullshit that water has "memory".. so they take a microscopic drop of belladonna (atomic scales) and add it to a huge container of water, then dump out most of the water and fill it again, or take a single drop of that water and add it to another tank. It is diluted to the point that you probably couldn't even detect actual belladonna in it if you tried.

It is literally just water, as is all homeopathic products.

@lucifargundam to give you an idea the 6X scale of belladonna in these eyedrops means that for every 1 ml of belladonna there one **million** milliliters of water. A one to a million ratio.... not extracting any belladonna from this, just water.

@freemo Did a doctor prescribe to you those eyedrops?

@doltamalte Oh god no. No doctor would be stupid enough to prescribe homeopathic scams... besides you cant prescribe them, they are water, they dont need a prescription.

If a doctor actually recommended them they would probably get sued.

@freemo How come you willing to buy a random eyedrops online without doctor prescription?

@doltamalte because most eye drops dont need prescriptions. Plus I dont find doctors to be very competent most of the time, I try to only use them when i absolutely need a prescription or a test that I cant do myself. Even then I tend to go in already knowing what I need and make the request directly. Occasionally they can offer some good suggestions, but that seems to be the exception rather than the rule.

@freemo wow interesting skepticism of doctors, I agree not all doctors are competent, but usually the ones with years of experience and a good track records are very effective and give valuable advice.
I understand you like to do your own research, but I find it very hard to do your own eye exam and to self diagnose eye issues, for that you need special sets of equipment and a skilled doctor to interpret the results.

@doltamalte Sorry competent wasnt the best choice of words... lets go with "useful" or.. "can provide information or advice I didn't already know"

Also keep in mind we are talking about GPs and nurse practitioners here, the sort I'd see if i asked about eye drops. No doubt experts and specialist in quite a few fields this wouldnt apply to them. My spinal surgeon for example certainly knew more about surgery than me and I wouldnt go operating on someones spine and think I am as competent as him.

As for a proper eye exam, I'd agree, if i needed one I'd go to an eye doctor and get one, that isnt something I can do myself. but thats unnecesary here as I already know the cause, condition, and cure, there isnt much to examine. This has been something I had my whole life and have had my eyes examined multiple times when I got new glasses.

So in short, I agree, there is plenty many doctors could offer, but in this case none of that applies and there is nothing useful a doctor would or could do for the situation.

@freemo the fact that Amazon is letting people sell these without labelling them as such is concerning, as someone who ordered eye drop on Amazon in the past. Can you give me a link so I can avoid this brand?

@louiscouture I never claimed it wasnt labeled as such.. i havent checked but it probably was correctly labeled I just happened to miss it at the time (I didnt even think to check for it honestly as I just needed any sort of eye drops that helped with tear production).

@freemo can you still send me the link so I can avoid buying from this brand?

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