@freemo Man... makes me wonder how one even comes to know this stuff. Maybe I should order a starter kit someday to figure out how he knows which damn holes to plug into.

@freemo @Electronics I’ve been watching his stuff for years; just absolutely fascinating. Just gives you so much appreciation for the wonder that is CPUs, networks and error correction, I/O, etc. Tried building some stuff myself but got to the point where I’d have to put down some serious cash to keep going

@freemo @Electronics no, it’s the oscilloscopes and multimeters and other bits to actually be able to debug when stuff inevitably doesn’t work that’s begins to add up — breadboards, logic chips, and a few wires aren’t much but trying to figure out why something isn’t working with LEDs alone is very frustrating!


ahhh, yea but keep in mind you can get a cheap oscope for 100$, still a bit pricey but you dont need a bench scope.


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