There are people so dense out there that they dont even understand this...


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@freemo @Science The set of equations of an object that have a proportional variable that reminds me of free fall with resistance. It seems like a ball is involved. It seems correct but I am not certain what is going on. There is a force being counteracted by a resistance proportional to the value of the object.

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Lol yep, not all math. The math many phycists use is both old and ugly.

@jmw150 @freemo @Science A Mathematician declared insane is just solving the problems of the next century. I don't know if I have ever seen a successful Mathematician. Even Turing did not feel complete.

@jmw150 @freemo @Science Turing took his own life at the age of 45 (I think that was his age). I don't know if there was a stated reason or even a note.

@freemo @Science It just occurred to me that this is not complete. There should be a few more pages. I remember similar TeX documents requiring approximately 3-5 pages of formulas. I had to make Mathematical Models of Malaria outbreaks with different drugs, resistances and other factors that changed the model.
Side Note: this was around the time that I got more heavily involved in CS. I used Axioms to prove that a certain computation could be scaled.

@freemo @Science The way I see it nature is the truth and science is an attempt for the most accurate model of that truth. Science is the modelling tool.

@aldous Science isnt about truth, truth as an idea is a human construct, not real... What science aims to do is to describe models of the real world that are useful in their ability to predict how and why things behave the way they do. Repeatability is what science is about, some people make the leap (IMO incorrectly) that this infers truth, there is no such thing as truth.

@freemo @Science Did you see that argument that a processed-meat brand had with Neil deGrasse Tyson on this exact topic? lol


I did not, but man this is going to be cringe to read I bet. I have a bit of a Love-hate relationship with Neil. On the one hand it is a scientist and he is promoting science, so I like him. My problem with him is he isnt a very good scientist (not the worst though) and worse yet he tries to talk about things with the authority of a scientist that is well outside his area of study and as such tends to get a lot of the details wrong... so yea he annoys me on that front.


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