Should we setup any bridge bots on the QOTO Matrix chat server ( open for registration)?


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@freemo IMO, you need a way to limit the poll to people who use the Qoto Matrix server. If non-qotons vote, it could skew the results, so you end up setting up a bridge that your actual users don't use.

--a non-Qoton.

@lnxw37a2 Agreed, and I could limit it to just local QOTO (and had considered that)... But its not an official poll and even if someone isnt a member if i appeal to the needs of the general population then it may make it more appealing for people to register on the server and use it.

@freemo @QOTO
need "results" option (voting for no instead to skew a little as possible)

@freemo How does the telegram bridge works?
Do I need to have a telegram account, or can I join any public telegram room via matrix without an telegram account?

@syster bridges work by creating users on both services and then issuing commands for them to bridge two rooms.. once the rooms are bridged then anything said in one room is piped to the other and vice versa.

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