This is why we do ultrasounds to hand out cute photos of our fetuses rather than MRI.

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I think it is more easy to see babies in this

@mur2501 I'm not seeing a baby in there... I'm seeing a spawn of some sort of monster.


@freemo A bably is helpless (and useless).. this one looks like it's ready to eat your face off any time.



With a statement like that it is clear you dont have any babies. No one will a baby eat your face off in a heart beat if you give it the chance, they are also plenty useful. Their tiny little hands get in all sorts of places ours cant, particularly useful for sending them into nuclear reactors to clean the small places a human cant get into.


@freemo The only time they're of use is when you put them in a little Swiffer suit, so you can mop them around.

Also, you might want to reword the first half of what you typed because I really don't know if they are or are not able to eat your face off...


@Sophistifunk Forget sex-ed just show kids this picture then offer them some condoms.

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