At the request of @Absinthe I have made the compose box on the webapp resizable. Everyone let me know if it gives you any problems, it is now live.


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@freemo Neat! I've often wished for such a feature when I was typing a lengthy post! But I somehow don't think it seems to do what I expected.
I expected the whole compose box to be able to be bigger, but instead it juggles the size between the input and the reply (as I'm replying to your post right now).

@trinsec You have to drag it to make it bigger. in the lower right hand corner.

@freemo That's what I did. It can't go past the bottom bar (with the paperclip, contentwarning, etc, buttons). I'd hoped it'd move along down but it's fixed in place.

@freemo Mind you, that's as reply.

As a standalone toot it's until the 'invite people, hotkeys' etc menu/legalese below, that can't go past.

@freemo It probably helps to see the limits if you don't do this at 4K resolution. ;)

@trinsec Seems tow ork fine at even low resolutions for me and at least one other person. I'd be curious to see a video of what your trying to explain, I may not be understanding.

@freemo Standalone toot resized... that's the max display size I can get it to, but the virtual size is bigger (see the scrollbar). The legalese on bottom prevents it from getting bigger.

While typing this I made a 2nd screenshot for this 'reply toot'. As you can see, it's already max size and the only thing that the resize does is to make the preview responded-to-toot smaller until it can't anymore, and it's spectacularly inefficient.

@trinsec Ok that is not how it behaves on the main theme... looks like your on a different theme. Can you see if you have the problem on the main theme?

@freemo Ok, I was on Mastodon Default Theme (Dark). Just making sure, you're talking about QOTO Default Theme? I'm seeing the same behavior there.

@trinsec yea the light default theme.. should have some flasks at the bottom of the column.

Is it maybe because you attached an image on the post or something?

@freemo Flasks? Bottom of column?

Can you make a screenshot of what YOU are seeing?

@freemo Weird, your last response didn't show up in my Notifications.

I've checked a few themes now, but none of them contain those flasks? Can you tell me the exact theme name please?

@freemo I see what's going on. This is the advanced web interface, which I've turned off. I've got the single-column feeds, where there's legalese on the bottom preventing this goodness. Could you adjust that interface too?

@trinsec Well I can replicate this in the non advanced UI.. so thats the good part... not sure if this will be easy to fix though... ill tinker (if you happen to figure out some CSS special sauce that works and share it with me I can use it).

@trinsec I will investigate further later on when i can dig a bit deeper.

@freemo .columns-area__panels__pane__inner.. position: fixed; removal seems to go into the direction we're looking at.

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@freemo Ok, add to...

.autosuggest-textarea__textarea an overflow-y: scroll


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