Seems we have an X-class flare hitting us this weekend. Batten down the hatches boys.


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I think that that map is of where the EM (electromagnetic radiation) hit the Earth a few minutes after the solar flare erupted (traveling at the speed of light). Data suggests that the flare also produced a nice CME (coronal mass ejection -- of mostly electrons and protons). They estimate that the bulk of those particles are moving at slightly over 2 million miles per hour, so about 40 hours or so from Earth. The Earth will have moved a bit in its orbit since the CME, so those particles won't make a direct hit like the EM, but they will cause a nice geomagnetic storm. If the conditions are right, Asia should be the first to see the auroras starting about 15:00 UTC (Coordinated Universal TIme), with the show moving westward on the opposite side of the Earth from the Sun.


No solar flares don't move that fast. Solar flares are rather slow taking 12 hours to up to 3 months to have the CME travel from the sun to the earth.


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