This is what most of the anti-science wackadoos dont realize.

@freemo do you mind if I post the same picture but with image description?

@freemo It was such an unexpected development. The CFCs were amazing in terms of stability, safety and utility. Finally something that isn't going to go boom, not cause severe reactions and be an excellent solvent among other things.

Turns out that UV Radiation made it eat away at the layer in a remarkable way. That's the story I remember. I don't know how much UV radiation that altitude would typically see but the conversion of Oxygen to Ozone requires a fair amount of energy.

Its hPpened many many times before. It is likely to happen again in relatively near future. Thaf said if and when it happens it isnt likely to be all tbat eventful

For those who dont want to do a quick search:::
The treaty[Notes 1] is structured around several groups of halogenated hydrocarbons that deplete stratospheric ozone. All of the ozone depleting substances controlled by the Montreal Protocol contain either chlorine or bromine (substances containing only fluorine do not harm the ozone layer).

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