A reminder for anyone new to mastodon who might not be happy with some of the racist and bad actors out there on other servers... Just import the fediblock list to your personal blocks and you will be safe from the vast majority of bad actors.

I took all the domains from block list and put it in a csv file that can be imported so you can block all hateful ...
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If you oppose hate in all its forms except of course the forms that are considered acceptable by the establishment because those are just and right and good, implement all of fediblock, every last line.
i too, am incapable of exercising agency and require other people to think for me

its so much easier and safe that way


Its less about thinking for yourself and more about an investment of time.. If you want to avoid the trolls without investing time in figuring out the bad instannces your own, this is one way to get there.

For the record, I dont use the block list. But I understand why someone might.


Letting other people determine your boundaries for the sake of expedience is almost always a bad idea, but I also understand that people like me (or you) are likely not the target audience of your original post.

Those who literally can't see an opposing viewpoint or potentially offensive language without experiencing a mental breakdown lost their agency long ago and probably do need to be managed by an outside force
To me it's just ridiculous because they cry about evil fascists and terrible people on Twitter and then leave the safety of the walled garden for the wastelands filled with barbarian raiders and then complain about that too

They are totalitarian cowards who aren't nearly as smart as they think they are, and they aren't being trolled so to speak, they're simply getting honest feedback for the first time in their lives
@Jackuu @freemo @sj_zero Well, they *were* trolled. Some, more than others and I think deservedly due to shit they put in the profile or shit they posted or shit articles they wrote or shit they had done in the past.

Those that were decent people and could ignore the trolls did just fine. They just are not visible because they're not as loud as the morons.
Trolling implies deliberately being disingenuous or shitty to get a rise out of people, being told that you're a useless sack of shit who needs to suck start a shotgun immediately it's not trolling, nor is it harassment. As far as I'm concerned these people were getting valuable and constructive criticism on how they can improve themselves and the world in general
@Jackuu @freemo @sj_zero Some of the journos deserved all the abuse they got, in online terms. In real life terms, people don't understand the culture. We're discussing plain refugees not the journos ITT
What exactly, are they even fleeing from? Oh no, big bad daddy Elon is cleaning house? Too fucking bad. If you're too much of a bitch to handle non-hugbox Twitter then you have no business being on this platform either

Normgroid NPC cattle will receive the exact same treatment as journos
@Jackuu @freemo @sj_zero you're an idiot and unable to a) read a room and b) have a decent conversation

Unless your trolling, which is fair play but still. Stop playing internet veteran tough guy, you're not passing
I'm actually incapable of A and B, it's in my bio where I explain it
@Jackuu @freemo @sj_zero fuck your bio dude, this is not a job interview and i'm not your interviewer
Who pissed in your Wheaties lmfao :adachi:
@Jackuu @freemo @sj_zero not in the mood tonight is all, he's got his sadbrains i've got my madbrains
@maxmustermann @Jackuu @freemo @sj_zero of course they are, it's not a loss, either. But advising people to use fediblock is just idiotic. unless of course you're a super sensitive "safe space" leftoid. In which case, please, do implement it


I agree with this! I’ve been on Twitter since the early days and I post about war and geopolitics. If anybody is going to be harrassed it’s someone like moi. It easy to deal with and the Birdsite of late included tools to restrict comments on posts etc. Methinks many of these folks are used to the echo chamber and some probably need reassurance by the choir. That’s my take - It’s life, just because we have a new medium doesn’t change human behaviour. I’m still on the Birdsite and will be on Mastodon. Different crowds or was until the Birdsite hordes came over. I also agree with the poster who was pondering why they left the walled garden of the Birdsite and came to the Federation where things have always been a bit wild - Think Usenet before it became all spam/UCE!

This isn’t hating on them, just wondering why they have to be coddled so much.

Oh and @freemo, I appreciate all that you do providing a great server service - You’re quite reasonable and I’m sorry that folks have been complaining to you about me. FTR no one complained to me personally about anything I said. :-) I’d like to contribute financially, but will have to wait until the new year to sort things out. Pension is increased next year. ;=)

@Jackuu @freemo @sj_zero

@freemo @Jackuu @sj_zero
>investment of time
translation: too lazy to curate your own timeline

Not worthy of this wonderful network that gives you that ability


There is an element of laziness I suppose. But it also needs to be weighed against how sensative they are to conflict. Many people are not happy if there is constant drama in their life and dont have the mental health to curate that many servers on their own.

@Jackuu @sj_zero

@freemo @Jackuu @sj_zero You don't curate servers, you curate your timeline. Mute a conversation that upsets you. Block a specific extreme troll that annoys you. Log off for a couple of days. Don't blindly block hundreds of instances without knowing why. Fedi is not inexhaustible because every user you block is much more likely to actually be active, unlike twitter.

Simple twitter refugees were not brigaded without provocation, journos were

@Corfiot While I agree it isnt a good idea to blindly block based off a list without looking into the reasons for entries being on that list, I disagree on the point that you dont block/curate servers. If a server allows bad actors, and you dont want to see bad actors, blocking the server is onne of the best things about the fediverse, that you dont need to block 100,000 people, you can just block 10 servers.

That said, if seeing vile human beings pop up from time to time and you just ignore them is something your ok with, then sure, dont block servers (I dont).

@freemo plain refugees never faced brigades without provoking first. So no need for the blocklist. Just a couple of days lurking should do it. Journos attracted the shitstorm because they had the audacity to come among those they exiled and expect a warm welcome and article material, posting shit like "tell me what's the culture" and "what's going on here", or much worse.
>mental health issues from fedi

Man, I want to see what happens to these people when the electricity goes off for the last time


No you misunderstood, I am not saying people get mental health issues from fedi.. Im saying some people may not have much mental health to spare and are very sensative to hurtful comments, and they simply dont want to be exposed to it because they donnt want to cry themselves to sleep because something hurtful you or anyone says happened to work... You might call that pathetic, I call that human, and some people have mental health concerns.

@Corfiot @sj_zero

Ever heard of exposure therapy? :devilish:

I got the sadbrains and a lot of stress in my life, but I don't break down into tears over people being shitty on the internet. That isn't a mental health concern, that's just infantile.
@Jackuu @freemo @sj_zero you have a point there just no need to take it to extremes. I'm all for exposure therapy but there's also actually overdoing the therapy.

@Jackuu @Corfiot @freemo @sj_zero

The idea that everyone who is not exactly the same as you and doesn't make the same choices should be mocked simply doesn't hold water.

If you can't be bothered with some basic empathy that goes past measuring someone against your one and only standard then you should really refrain from evaluating their decisions.

@freemo @corfiot @Jackuu @sj_zero if being out in public where people are able to criticize you for being a shitty person taxes your mental health too much then maybe you should have thought about that before you chose to become a shitty person.
@Saber @Jackuu @freemo @sj_zero we're NOT talking about the journos, just your typical grandma migrating over
@corfiot @Jackuu @freemo @sj_zero "typical grandma" nah, these are insane ideologues and also shitty people. On twitter they called openly for people who refused masks and vaccines to lose their jobs and their lives. They called for the same for people who don't believe children should receive irreversible sex change surgery. They got even lukewarm opposition banned from twitter for wrongthink.

And now that they are finally being called out for their behavior, they are losing their minds over it and going back to their fainting couches.
@Saber @Jackuu @freemo @sj_zero bah, muted, brain washed fanatical ideologue of the garden variety. I'll unmute you in a couple of days see if your sadbrain seizures have passed
@corfiot @Jackuu @freemo @sj_zero >hey these shitniggers flung shit and then got us banned when we threw it back
>they chased us to the banned nigga zone and tried to do it again
>"Wow I can't believe you're throwing shit back! I'm going to ban you! Terrible person!"

Gaslighting is a very effective way of dealing with dissent. It will certainly be even more effective when the power goes out for good during our lifetimes and you are suddenly surrounded by people you made enemies of and there are no more cops to save you. Please continue to be this way. It will end well for you in this life and the next.
@Saber @Jackuu @freemo @sj_zero WTF are you talking about? I never said any of that. We were talking about the fediblock and migrants, you got something userful to say, go ahead.

I just had a fight with jakuu for him being a dick. I publicly said I dissed you by mistake cause of IRL stuff going on tonight and i got mixed up, pissed off for other reasons - sorry about that. So you stop being a nigger and turn off the playback on your tape recorder
@corfiot @Jackuu @freemo @sj_zero Retard. You're a Babylon enjoyer. The people Babylon has trampled under foot do not like it. Babylon stole our past, present, and future, and Babylonians line their purses with them, and you think it's horrendous when we are even mildly rude to Babylonians. Actual nigger.
@Saber @corfiot @Jackuu @freemo @sj_zero Engage in combat fully determined to die and you will be alive; wish to survive in the battle and you will surely meet death. β€”Usegui Kenshin
ah yes, "trolls" with their mystic ability to force you to continue spending time and engaging when you don't feel like it

why are you fags all so terrified that someone might disagree with you? the weird ideological purity spiral shit has left you all barely functional as people
When you take most of your political and social cues from talking heads, and it's reinforced by corporate censors, people lose their ability to rationally discuss their beliefs with non-believers. They are taught that it is not socially acceptable to be a non-believer, so when confronted by one, it is as if they are watching a man whip it out and start jerking it in public. It's inconceivable, and they feel a harsh punishment is warranted, even if extralegal.

@sj_zero If you know an instance on there that moderates against bad actors and therefore shouldnt be on the list feel free to let me know.

Not at all! The list is eternally incomplete!

@sj_zero It isnt meant to be exhastive, but its a good start if the goal is to get rid of the bulk of the trolls.

I agree. It is incomplete. I don't think it contains any users or servers that engage in hate against men and majorities, for instance. Just women and minorities.


While there may be some examples lacking (and in fact im sure there are), its not true to say none of them.

Spinser deals in quite a bit of hate towards males and is specifically an instance designed for a mostly female audience. Yet they are on there.


They are on there because they hate trans women, not because they hate cis men. The latter are an acceptable target to these clowns, the former are the opposite.

@freemo I have imported that, but how do i see the domains blocked in the gui? Nothing shows up anywhere apart from saying 123 domains are imported?

@JohnnyD πŸ‡ͺπŸ‡Ί :verified:
Fediblock does not work throughout the fediverse.

Alternatively, use hubzilla. Build slowly a list of connections ("contacts") of people of general personal interest. Use content filters appropriately with each connection (e.g. you appreciate a person's content about maths, but not cats, so you create a filter to remove posts about cats and see everything else)
@freemo "bad actors"
These are site users genuinely sharing their opinions and feedback. Isn't that part of the point of journalism, to have a relationship with the people you're reporting to? Or are you just admitting the point of it is to create state level propaganda and narratives to rewrite reality into whatever the ruling class wants it to be?
Freemo is a gay injun who is friendly with MAPfurs and demands personal info from people who want to sign up for his instance

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