I am going to try to find time this weekend to add in several new features to QOTO, fix a few small bugs, and if we aare REALLY lucky and things go well I might release a new version of QOTO this weekend (no promises though my life is CRAZY right now, hard to predict).

@freemo maybe I’m dreaming, but on android I believe there is a qoto app? Do you have plans for an iPhone app? I love the functionality of the qoto website over other mastodon apps


@_JAStockdale There are several apps that work with qoto on both iphone and android, but they arent made specifically for QOTO.

Qoto uses a standard protocol called "ActivityPub". Any client which talks that language can be used to access your account here. Its the same protocol used by all servers in the fediverse.

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@freemo thanks for the info, I’ll take another look at what my colleague uses as I liked the usability of whatever it was over the mastodon app.

@_JAStockdale lots of good clients. If you search there is a list of them posted somewhere ( i can find it for you if you cant)

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