I am going to try to find time this weekend to add in several new features to QOTO, fix a few small bugs, and if we aare REALLY lucky and things go well I might release a new version of QOTO this weekend (no promises though my life is CRAZY right now, hard to predict).

@freemo I really appreciate what you've done here. Company going public, yikes. Refugees from the bird site, yikes. Upgrading software, what ?

Be kind to yourself. I was a techie, and I burned myself out during the time of craziness for fixes to systems for Y2K. I should have built some space into my life.

Oh, do you have a Patreon? I can't seem to find one for qoto

Once again,


@agterrane I burnt myself out a long time ago, now im just ashes blowing in the wind :)

We do not have a patreon. We have accepted donations before but honestly, we are well funded with my own money, so its not needed. If you want to contribute though please feel free even if its nothing more than posting quality content.

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