After hearing some feedback,a nd wanting to be fair in my representation, I have change the title of the article. It is now:

Eugen Rochko, CEO of Mastodon, Caves to Nazi’s Agenda

I think we can all agree thats a more faithful title.

🎓 Dr. Freemo :jpf: 🇳🇱  
Sp I wrote a pretty lengthy blog post entitled: Eugen Rochko, CEO of Mastodon, Found to Support Nazi’s Agenda Sadly I wish it was clickbait. You ...
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i think you should check your instance records before saying “we have done everything to prevent hostile towards lgbt+ community“

e.g. this account has been constantly replying transphobia posts to external instance accounts in chinese and has been constantly reported
but your instance admin does nothing
(they replace words to avoid auto-translation from working)
like this:

(i’ll translate for you ↓ duo to words limitation)

@hiromst Thanks for bringing this to our attention. As you point out translationn services werent showing this and the admins were reviewing just last night without success... A user recently helped us translate and I was reviewing this morning. I was about to ban them befor eyou brought it up... they are now suspended.

It seems rather accusatory to suggest we dont protect LGBTQ rights over an account that is fairly new, in a foreign language, and one that as you point out intentionally made it so translation services werent effective. I hope our response helps alleviate those concerns though.

thank you for your effort.
i have spread the word for you in chinese
but as we all know, restore the faith we lost is much harder than losing it.




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@hiromst 在这里我建议大家在举报时附上可以正常翻译的原文。这对于管理员来说是可验证的:修复后的原文与肇事者所用经过混淆过的中文发音一样,但前者可以被翻译成其他语言,并且管理员可以通过听取发音来确保修复后的内容没有被篡改以致栽赃陷害,从而保证举报的有效性。

en_US: Here I suggest that you attach the deciphered text that can be translated normally when reporting. This is verifiable for moderators: the deciphered text should have the same pronunciation as the perpetrator's obfuscated Chinese, but the former one can be translated into other languages, and the moderator can listen to the pronunciation to ensure that the deciphered content is not tampered, thus to ensure the validity of the report.

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