Game of Thrones: Who spoke the most, and what?

A simple word cloud from GOT script.

Okay, this is a test comment to check whether it comes under my blog. Don’t panic!

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@bevsxyz Mm, doesn’t look like that worked. Though I hope you get it to work. I was contemplating Hugo and Mastodon comments as well.

@trinsec I can get our toots in get request. The guides i found for Hugo seem to be complicated for me(because of the javascript ofcourse). Well enough for the day I’m gonna sleep. If I figure it out i will be adding it to the wowchemy theme and maybe even write another blogπŸ˜‚ addressing my roadblocks.



That’s the simple curl i did. The json response seems intuitive. I will just have to figure out how the others mapped it to the ui.

@trinsec Okay for some reason, the get request from the code is denied!

Cross-Origin Request Blocked: The Same Origin Policy disallows reading the remote resource at (Reason: CORS header β€˜Access-Control-Allow-Origin’ does not match β€˜*, *’).

I am not sure if it is some server setting that only the admin can do something about.



Can you link me to the status for which this get request is trying to get (easier than me trying to mangle the url)…. My guess is that the status isnt public.


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Ok so thats not it then… obviously the API does work or else the clients wouldnt work… but i need to re-read ont he specifics of the API to figure out what error you may have made.


@freemo @trinsec i think it’s the way I have made the request. One thing i changed in the code was to use the cdn version of dompurify package rather than a local one. But from what I’ve seen the fetching is not done by the package and that’s where the error is happening.

Ha i saw a js library for mastodon but that seemed to require a token.


ITs been a while since I fussed with this side of the code sadly… Im not sure ill be much help without doing some research first.


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