No surprise, now these toxic bullies from are trying to have private conversations with me, which I of course indulge, and then quote whatever ammo they can use out of context and dump the rest...

It is amazing these people trust anyone who is so clearly **not** being transparent.


FediThing blocking, genocide mention 

@freemo It's nice to see in that thread that a lot of people are disagreeing with this narrow world view.

@trinsec yes, my re-information campaign seems to be working, people are starting to see the facts and realizing a lot of what is being said is lies or distortions.

Agreed, just had a 🐦 refugee message me and said he’s staying with the 🐦 site because here the Federation is a Gated community which in his mind is as bad if not worse than Musk’s app.

@freemo So envious right now ^^
Sure, it must be a lot of work, but the possibilities...

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